Awez Darbar: the creator who makes the best out of social media trends

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Awez Darbar: the creator who makes the best out of social media trends

Awez Darbar has always made us try some new moves through his content. Let's take a look at some of his energetic videos.

Not all of us are born as good dancers but we have been in that situation where we couldn't stop ourselves from doing the hook step of a song. Today, a major part of our entertainment aka social media trends are forcing us to try our hand at dancing. If we have any doubt or second thoughts, watching creators recreate them adds to our excitement to try them out. Awez Darbar is one creator who always managed to keep the fun alive in these trends with his astounding dance moves. The way he smoothly integrates his innate dancing talent into his content and trends makes him admirable. By combining his passion and knowledge of social media trends, Awez manages to make content that resonates with his audience.

But it's not just his dance videos that made us fall in love with his content, he's also known for his comedic skits and impeccable sense of humour that never fails to entertain us. Over these years, he has won several awards for his hard work, creativity, and talent. One thing is for sure, we will never get tired of watching his energetic moves and creative choreography. And this list of his amazing choreography videos confirm that!

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Check them out!

Happy Birthday, Awez!

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