Check out some of the best Awez Darbar dance videos you will come across on TikTok!

The last couple of years have seen a surge in the number of influencers and content creators. One of the major contributors to this increase in content creators and digital entertainers is TikTok. Thanks to the platform, India now has several authentic and engaging content creators who keep us amused and make our feeds all the more fun. One such content creator is Awez Darbar. With a total following of 23 million on TikTok, Awez enjoys a huge and loyal fan following and makes sure they receive a regular dose of entertainment, infotainment and edutainment through hid videos. But our favourites have to be the Awez Darbar dance videos on TikTok. We’ve made a list of some of the best ones here!

Check out these Awez Darbar dance videos and get into the groovy mode:

Here’s wishing you Awaz Darbar a happy birthday!