Shared by Gaurav Wasan, the video of an 80-year-old couple running Baba Ka Dhaba has crossed 12.1 million views and here’s how it all happened!

It was only yesterday on 7th October 2020 that Content Creator, Gaurav Wasan shared the video on his Instagram feed of the old couple who runs a small local eatery by the name of Baba Ka Dhaba in Delhi. Baba Ka Dhaba as we now serves Dal, Rice and Mattar Paneer at reasonable prices. However, given the over-extended duration of the pandemic and lack of customers, the old couple had been facing a tough time and were unable to make any money.

In less than 24 hours the video was shared by several celebrities and influencers and thousands of people online. The video has crossed 31 million views on Facebook, 12.1 million views on Instagram, over 208 k views on Twitter and . The result? Well, it’s is heartwarming and humbling and goes to prove the positive effect social media can have. Kudos to all the Creators and Digital Celebrities who came together to spread the word and to those who actually showed up ready to help by buying food and even helping with any required assistance.

Here’s Gaurav Vasan aka @youtubeswadofficial’s video:

In an update video, Gaurav along with the Octogenarian couple can be sen thanking those who came out to support them and those who donated money. A total of 2 Lac has been apparently collected so far and the couple can also be seen asking people to not donate more money and to instead other local vendors who might need financial support.

Take a look at some of the many many people who helped make this happen:


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