#WednesdayWarmth: Let's learn Internet lingo from babies!

Jagruti Verma
New Update
internet lingo

Looking for Internet lingo acronym meanings? You have probably landed on one of the most fun pages to learn some. Don't worry though, it's literally child's play!

Internet lingo is largely acronym based and while they are still better to understand than emoticons where polysemy is too high, it is always better to have a comfy guide to manoeuvre your way with. Here we bring you GIF lessons where babies of the internet will help you brush up your knowledge about the new short forms in town.

JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out

When you would rather happily sleep than go out.

LB: Like Back

It's a request to like the sender's Instagram profile/post.

DAE = Does Anyone Else?

Way to reassure self that you are not alone experiencing it.

TFW = That Feeling When

It is usually followed by an expression of a certain feeling.

IRL = In Real Life

A person is describing something that happens in real life.

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

A reminder of sorts to ensure that message is spread out.

MFW: My Face When

Usually followed by image/video/GIF to explain face reaction.

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

To express that your experience might differ from the writer's.

TIL = Today I Learnt

Means to share something new, may or may not be pleasing.

JSYK: Just So You Know

It's just a re-branded version of FYI — For Your Information.

dae does anyone else icymi in case you missed it in real life irl jomo joy of missing out jsyk just so you know lb like back mfw my face when tfw that feeling when til today i learnt ymmv your mileage may vary