Viral Indians: The boy who has us remembering our 'Bachpan ka Pyaar'

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Bachpan Ka Pyar

Sahadev, a schoolboy became an internet sensation with a song and encouraged people to share their own rendition of their 'Bachpan ka Pyaar'.

You think you know who becomes famous or what goes viral overnight but you don't. One day, you wake up to watch a small boy in a school uniform singing a song, that you have probably never heard before. After that, every time you open Instagram, this is the song you hear everywhere. And now this song is just stuck in your head and you cannot help but keep singing it. The sheer amount of surprise that the internet has to offer is what makes it an amazing place to be.

There have always been regular people who became overnight stars on online platforms. The essence of what and how they go viral is still unknown, but it feels good to have a new trend take over the internet now and then. The latest Viral Indian who has taken over the internet is the kid who sang and left everyone reminiscing about their Bachpan ka Pyaar.

Who is he?

The boy in this viral video is Sahadev. He is a resident of Sukma, Chhattisgarh who comes from a family of farmers. A 7th-grade student now, Sahadev sang the song as per his teacher's demand about two years ago. The video of him singing the song " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">'Jane Meri Janeman' which happens to be a song by Bhojpuri artists Ankush Raja and Neha Raj. The kid sang his own rendition of the song and the viral video was shared by the Instagram account Patna in HD.

How did he go viral?

For someone who doesn't even have a mobile or TV soon became a viral sensation on the internet. The video of Sahadev singing the song was found by a YouTuber. The music producer Hiten remixed the song and that song soon became a crowd favorite. Bollywood singer Badshah was impressed by the videos and created his own version of the song. He had a chat with the kid and invited him to sing for one of his songs.

The audio has become part of one of the biggest trends in India and many are recreating the song in their own unique way. It's impossible to scroll through IG Reels without watching someone dance or lip-sync to the song.

Check out these videos:

So have you created your own Bachpan ka Pyaar video? If yes, do share it with us @socialketchup

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