Being single can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your lifestyle. People on Twitter have a few things to say about the curse being a blessing. #BadReasonsToDateSomeone

Everyone needs a person to share things that can’t be shared with family or friends or gain much needed emotional support, but this comfort comes with a burden of expectations, collectively known as a ‘relationship’.

The disadvantage of a person always being there for you is the person always being there.

Everyone looks for good reasons to date someone, we’ve created an assemblage of bad reasons to date someone though!

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Paawan Sunam, a wordsmith by profession who likes art, Beatles, coffee, DiCaprio and Eminem brings a fresh perspective contrary to existing perceptions and believes in questioning everything, also has a belief that there should be a bigger place in the world for words and not war. He prefers the phenomena of the physical world of plants and animals(especially dogs) over possessions. Reckons moving to the rhythm and moving on.