Check out how people celebrated Baisakhi on TikTok and share their greetings of the festival.

The entire country is celebrating Baisakhi today, a day when people come together and rejoice. Celebrated widely among Sikhs and Hindus, this festival is a mark of the start of the month of Vaisakhi among Hindus and the celebration of the formation of Khalsa Panth warriors under the Guru Gobind Singh among the Sikhs. While the reason may differ, the spirits of this celebration are the same. This year, however, things are quite unhappening as people around the world are suffering and forced to stay indoors to protect themselves and others. Even while staying indoors, people are finding ways to celebrate the festival and bring in positivity. Many people took to TikTok to wish and rejoice.

Here’s how people celebrated Baisakhi on TikTok:

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How are you celebrating today?