The current political state of Jammu and Kashmir also brought a lot of attention to the long-standing problems in Balochistan. The people of Balochistan are reportedly now protesting against Pakistan’s authorities to win back its freedom.

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14th August each year and this year, the people of Balochistan protested and took to Twitter to call out Pakistan. According to a report by ANI, the Free Balochistan Movement organization mentioned the forceful take over of Independent Balochistan by Pakistan in 1948. Condemning Pakistan’s act, people from across the world took to Twitter to express their sentiments. The hashtag #BlochistanSolidarityDay started trending on Twitter as an effect of the in-flow of tweets and comments on the current state of affairs.

Here are some of the #BalochistanSolidarityDay tweets highlighting the situation in Balochistan:

The hashtags, #14AugustBlackDay and #BalochistanIsNotPakistan have also been trending on Twitter with similar emotions. The citizens want freedom and they want it now.