Bangalore Mass Molestation: Twitter moans the eve of shame

Mohammad Kanchwala
Jan 03, 2017 13:17 IST
Bangalore Mass Molestation: Twitter moans the eve of shame
It is a script so familiar today, that the outrage and corrective reforms that should follow an incident so critical are nowhere to be seen. New Year’s Eve. Women. Molestation. Western Culture. Appalling.

Each year we wish to start the year on a positive note, with a hope to build upon it further, and this very hope is jolted out of our minds by the regressive attitude and mentality that dominates the minds of monsters in the country.

Bangalore was considered one of the most developed cities in India that guaranteed women their safety, but not anymore. Victims and Police were both left helpless, surrounded and harassed by so many degenerates at once.

The social media outrage that followed has left us feeling, will this be another noteworthy incident, or the dawn of a change long overdue?

After the issue was picked up by International and National publications and the statements of political figures reeked of chauvinism and plain stupid, the topic of discussion became something else entirely as #NotAllMen began to trend. Used by men to distance themselves from the incident, trying to proclaim #NotAllMen are rapists or molesters, it sparked off a heated exchange of words between social media users.

Twitter's reaction can only be termed natural as an event of such seriousness shook the nation. Does it end here? We certainly hope so.

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