#BanNetflixInIndia Trends On Twitter After Platform Is Slammed For Allegedly Streaming Anti-Hindu Content

Priyanka Parmar
New Update

Netizens took to Twitter to trend #BanNetflixInIndia after Shiv Sena's IT cell member Ramesh Solanki filed a complaint against the international content streaming platform.

Content has evolved in the last decade and how. From subjects and stories to streaming platforms that provide constant entertainment to us through a spectrum of mediums. Our content consumption and preferences have also evolved thanks to the Games Of Thrones, Black Mirrors, Marvelous Mrs. Maisels of the digital world. These platforms share content that caters to a wide range of audience and while OTT platforms don't have to worry too much about censorship and keeping the content PG13, they do often face backlash for content that hurts the sentiments of people of various sections. A similar situation led to #BanNetflixInIndia trending on Twitter.

Here's what people had to say about #BanNetflixInIndia:

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While a section is alleging that Netflix has been streaming Anti-Hindu and Anti-Hindi content, there's another section that doesn't agree with them or is indifferent.

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