Channel your inner fashionista by dressing up in these Barbie inspired outfits

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Channel your inner fashionista by dressing up in these Barbie inspired outfits

People around the world are going crazy over the Barbie movie aesthetics and might not want to miss out on the chance to try this trend.

Who would have thought that the whole world can go collectively crazy about the pink aesthetic just because of a movie? Well, it is actually happening since the Greta Gerwig's Barbie trailer and a lot of trends, creating a frenzy of anticipation among fans of all ages. The film's trailer and sneak peeks have unveiled a dazzling world of fantasy and pink specific aesthetics. It has inspired people to embrace their inner fashionistas and dress up in styles that reflect Barbie's iconic flair. From trying glamorous pink dresses to sparkling accessories, we saw people craving and nailing the trend.

And don't assume that it's one of those fashion trends that could attract young people to it. People of every age group are immersing themselves in the Barbie aesthetic, embracing the whimsical and vibrant fashion choices that have defined the beloved doll for decades. With the movie's release just around the corner, the world is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to step into Barbie's shoes and embrace the magic she embodies. Pink is the new cool colour around and you have no reason to avoid wearing it.

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If you want to try the trend, here's some inspo that can come in handy!

The Barbie world might not be a real thing but these trends have made us feel magical for sure!

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