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Missing your beach vacations? Take a look at these beach photos by our favourite travel bloggers to give you some salty summer vibes at home.

Summers are upon us and the second most favourite thing about it is beach vacations. Of course, the first one is sunsets on beaches. It is so miserable to realize that we cannot have a beach vacation this summer due to the global pandemic. All you can do is sit and home, scroll through your gallery and reminisce old photos from your holidays where you’re sipping your martini in the shack or building a sandcastle. To add more to it, check out these beach photos by our ten favourite travel bloggers that will remind you of sun, sand and happy summer vibes.

Check out for sand, water, sun and a lot of fun:

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It was just a regular day at work. Maybe even a Tuesday like today. I was working in a digital marketing team in Singapore at the time. After replying to a dozen emails, I went over my to-do list. Back then, hardy anyone believed in the power of social media. We were forever having to justify why we did what we did, and why we continued to need the tiny budget allocated to us. I was to brainstorm ideas for our Facebook page. So I decided to browse other Facebook pages in the tourism industry to get an idea of what else was going on... . . That browsing led me to an airline page, running a contest giving away 2 return flight tickets to Europe. Damn, I thought, if only I could win this. My leaves and bank balance were both running low. On the other hand, the longing to pack my bags and take off somewhere was pretty high. I answered the question with the best answer I could think of at the time, then moved on to other Facebook pages. In the next few hours and days, I forgot all about it. . . Then one weekday night, when I couldn’t get myself to sleep, I was up browsing Facebook (there was no instagram then ?). A notification popped up saying I’d won that contest. 2 tickets to Europe baby! . . That was it. A sign from the universe, assuring me I belonged on the road. The first step of this long, incredible journey of long term travel. . . So when @fbs_forex reached out to me to share their contest with my readers, I had to say yes! A chance to win a luxury trip to London, Tokyo or Dubai - worth upto 7000$ ? To win, you need to play various rounds - including visualising the life of a trader, figuring out which currency belongs to which country, finding clues on Instagram etc. Link in my profile @shivya and in my stories! Ends 28 Nov. Good luck; send me a postcard if you win ? . . Collab with @fbs_forex ?: #shotoniphone . . And you, ever felt like you’ve received a sign from the universe? . . #theshootingstar #travelcontest #sunsetmadness #iphone11pro #capetown

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The heart today longed to flip through the memories of Thailand. I visited that country for the 2nd time last year and had fallen in love – with the places & the people. However, soon I remembered that my harddisk storing photographs of all my travels including Thailand was at home. Had I known that I wouldn’t make it home for more than 2 months, I would’ve made some space for it in my backpack. But well, unpredictability has been quite the constant. So I took to my phone to scan through the few pictures I had from Thailand and stumbled upon this one, taking me back to that dusk in Krabi. The 2 kids in the photograph belonged to a family of 7 who had come to the beach to collect shells. The sea had receded far behind & while it wasn’t very appealing for the tourists, these locals were delightful. They could collect way more shells than usual which meant more income for the family. I ended up having a small chat with the 2 teenage girls who spoke about their college & country and eventually invited me over to their place. “Our house is more beautiful than these big hotels”, one of them told me sheepishly. I laughed and agreed. I wonder how they are doing currently. Without being able to collect sea shells & having tourists to sell jewellery to, I hope they are managing to sustain themselves. As the mind wandered, I recalled all the people I met through my travels and wondered how they are doing now. I picked up my phone and called Pushpa Didi. I met Pushpa didi in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand 5 years ago when I stayed at her homestay while she fed me ghee dipped rotis every night. It felt so good hearing her voice. I asked her if she needed anything. She laughed saying, “Filhal nahin, agar chahiye toh aap toh hain.” She told me that they shifted to the new house which was only a plot when I had visited. “Aapko bohot pasand aayega, bade bade khidkiyan hain”. I told her I started trekking. She is a meticulous trekker and was the happiest upon hearing the news. You see, perhaps this is what I took from my travels - Love from people all across the world. Are you still in touch with the people you met during travelling? Have you called them to ask how they are doing? :)

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Stress levels are just too damn high and I only want a coconut to sip on while listening to the sound of the ocean ? . There’s a lot going on right now that reminds me of my old corporate gig. So many parallels to draw! The only thing keeping me going is knowing that each day is a new one and I’m getting a little better with each passing one. That nothing is insurmountable. That whatever happens in the external environment, I need to remain centered. That there are factors not in my control, and if I can’t change them, I need to make my peace with them. This is a cycle that keeps testing me again and again, and the challenge keeps getting tougher and tougher every single time. . One part of me wants to take time off to gather my extremely scattered sense of self and focus a little bit on my mental health, but I also know that is near impossible for me, because I will only guilt myself for not working. . The hardest bit is being strong all the damn time. While one part of me wants to break down and cry and just let it all out, another, much larger part of me won’t do that, because I’m too afraid of letting that dam break. . But it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes, no? . I’m sorry if this post isn’t the usual happy, peppy, chirpy little essay I tend towards usually. Well actually, I’m not. It’s just how it is, and I’d be lying to everyone and myself if I said anything otherwise. . Till then, here’s a picture from Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa, a place with all the good vibes and free-flowing energy. Where’d you feel something like that last? . . #peppytravelgirl

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Ever felt incredibly tiny in the vastness of this beautiful planet? That's exactly how I felt on this spectacular beach in Punta Gallinas..where huge endless desert sand dunes melt into the Caribbean. It was a sight for sore eyes and one of the most amazing landscapes I have EVER seen (and trust me, I am not easily impressed). Punta Gallinas in La Guajira is the northern-most tip of South America and known as an extreme point. Indeed, getting here from the bustling city of Cartagena was no joy ride. It took over 3 days with a night stop each in Riohacha and Cabo de la Vela - over 22+ hours on the road!!! ?? Towards the end of this long, enduring journey I was actually wondering if its gonna be worth it..but I am soooo glad I didn't give up mid-way (almost packed my bags twice and thought of booking a flight to the nearest city and booking myself a luxury hotel). ? Persistence paid off when I saw THIS scene in front of me...endless sand dunes and mirages over the horizon and as you climb them, you can see the vast stretch of Caribbean coast on the other side..and no other tourists, beach shacks, vendors or anything!!! Heaven!!!! The entire journey felt truly rewarding at this stage and extremely overwhelming and intimidating. It is true that if you want a rainbow, you need to put up with the rain ??? I have never seen such untouched and surreal beauty and this goes right on top as the highlight of my 3 month America's trip...or heck ...three decades of travels ♥️ No wifi, sleeping in hammocks , bumpy Jeep rides and the blazing desert sun seemed like perks at this point (surely an advantage to keep the hoards of holiday "tourists" away). I have no words to explain this so if you happen to be in Colombia..don't miss this even if might seem enduring and extreme. Go big or go home, right? .. .. #PuntaGallinas #laguajira #laguajiracolombia #ilovecolombia #colombiagram #igerscolombia #colombiatravel #colombia_greatshots #highlightofmylife #desertlife #desertadventures #untouchednature #landscapephotography #gltlove #desertvibes #passionpassport #femaletravelbloggers #indianblogger

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BALI BEACHES !!! ... - - - We were about to check in our rooms at @alilaseminyak and we got to know there's a private beach to that hotel . And I was the last one to check in coz Sunsets in Bali are just crazy . #Bali #islandofgods #wonderfulindonesia . - - - P.S - Bhai swimming pool Toh Durr ki baat hai . Yaha ke toh beach ke paani mein bhi Susu Karne ka Mann nahi hua #MaiBhiSadakChap . - - - P.P.S - I know there are people who pee in pools . Akele akele Mann mein Hass rahe honge saale ? - - - #sunsets #sunset #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravel #travelphotography #cloudporn #_soi #oph #cloudporn #solace #indonesia #beautifuldestinations #beach #traveldiaries #love #art #canonindiaofficial #canonusa #irimages #agameoftones #whpmovement #fishing #mypixeldiary #Instagram

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Unrealistically real! ? . ? @ankitbhatiafilms

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Lately, I have been facing a creative block that I haven't faced before ever. Generally it's easy to get back to routine, overcome your creative blocks. You do things that actually makes you happy, makes you comfy in your creative block, which initially helps you get over it. Whether it's books that you read, or good music, movies or anything that you like. I chose books and content writing to get over my block. But recently, when my iPhone soaked in sea water, I lost everything that I had documented along with the 100GBs+ photos and videos, which just pushed me deeper in this. Since giving up on what you love is not an option, hopefully I will be back with content soon. Meanwhile, thanks a lot for sticking around. Means a lot :)

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