If there’s one tweet that broke the internet today morning, it’s undoubtedly the recent tweet from Bear Grylls. He revealed the most unlikely guest, one would have imagined visiting his show “Man vs Wild” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Our very own survivor of the ‘wild’ – Mr. Bear Grylls is in India finally. Quite obviously, people are excited as hell. The show has managed to gain quite a loyal viewer base ever since it first aired and still manages to keep people hooked. The show is widely popular across the globe and Indian fans are surely in for a wild treat. What’s getting this episode all the more attention is the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be joining Bear Grylls on his latest adventure.

Check out the episode’s promo:

Twitterati went crazy seeing the promo video of the show. Here are some reactions:

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It is an attempt on the PM’s part to create awareness about animal welfare and conservation of nature. The announcement couldn’t have come on a better day than International Tigers Day itself.

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