Simmy Goraya recently shared a video talking about how some viral remedies may not work for you and sheds some light on the reasons for it.

India has a long history of using natural ingredients in hair care and beauty. From time tested ayurveda to age old nuskas, we all have relied on them at some point in our lives and the popularity is highly accredited to its efficiency. These hacks are passed down from generations to generations, case in point – our grandmothers and their never ending lectures on the importance of hair oiling. Though some of these nuskas have been working for some people, it doesn’t mean that it will work on everyone. If you are wondering why a certain technique isn’t working for you, it might be because it is not meant to. And Simmy Goraya recently shared a video talking about all of this and more.

Simmy’s video is slamming some of the most viral hair care hacks and shines light on how some nuskas seem effective but work differently on different skin and hair. She features some of the most popular ones like use of rice water for hair, castor oil massage, using flaxseed gels and others. And her video shows you what you have been doing wrong.

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Here’s what she had to say:

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