Because some heroes come in pairs:  6 amazing AR effects launched by creators & developers together, at Creator Day India

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At Instagram and Facebook’s largest event for creators to date in India - Creator Day India, the company launched a unique pilot, to launch effects that represent the trendiest AR effects made by a combination of people.

The company paired 6 content creators known for their wit, humor or dance skills, with some of the most talented AR creators, to materialize into a bunch of entertaining effects that will drive trends on the platforms. The developers involved were coached by @think.with.nithin who was one of the Global winners at our F8 2019 conference. 

Here are these new effects: 

Weird emotions’ by @themermaidscales and @theroznick  

The Mermaid Scales is here with her very own AR filter that she’s created along with developer theroznick, which perfectly augments her goofy, anger, and “I’m so done” reaction. 


Bye bye’ by @sakshishivdasani and @hardiksave01

We all know how boring certain situations get, whether it’s having to meet your distant relatives or sitting through a monotonous meeting. Who wouldn’t want to simply disappear and never have to go through the same situation again? This act of disappearing is exactly what Sakshi Shivdasani along with developer, hardiksave01, have captured into an AR effect that you should try out right away!


Mom scoldings’ by @hisukirti and @rbkavin 

Sukriti, who is known for her funny content on Instagram, has put a funny twist to the usual household event of mothers scolding their children. How did she do this? By creating an AR Effect with developer Rbkavin, of course! Use the filter to try to figure out and predict “Why you will get scolded by your mummy today?”


Faad magician’ by @@rjabhinavv and @rbkavin 

For all those pranksters at heart, RJ Abhinav, who is not new to the world of humour, has developed an AR Effect with developer Rbkavin, which will prank anyone who uses it! Try it on your friends, family and even your pets!


Gone bad’ by @sbhubhamusic and

Shuba, who is famous for her impressions of popular singers, from Shakira to Eminem, has created an AR Effect with developer for all those creators who want to feel special when they create content. With the audio-reactive effect, whenever a user sings, the elements on the screen will react to their sound or any other audio that they might choose. 


Neon scribble’ by @jodianoorabh and @naaaviii

For all those dance enthusiasts who want to add an element of surprise to their videos, jodianoorabh along with developer naaaviiii, have created an AR Effect that will spice up your videos with some cool post-editing scribbles!


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