Thousands injured and more than 70 killed in the horrific Beirut blast

Smrithi Mohan
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Beirut blast

The Lebanese capital on Tuesday was hit by two devastating explosions that resulted in thousands being injured and more than 70 people killed. The Beirut blast caused huge destruction in the city.

Two massive blasts hit the city of Beirut on Tuesday that was felt for more than 200 kilometres across the Mediterranean. With a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, the Beirut blast damaged buildings across the Capital killing about 70 people, 3000 injured and buried under the rubble.

Although the actions that led to the blast are still unclear, earlier reports suggested that the blast was caused by a fire that broke out near the warehouse. Some highly explosive material, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, were confiscated a while ago from a ship and stored at the port. An orange coloured smoke was witnessed by some which is nothing but toxic nitrogen dioxide gas that is caused when it explodes.

The blast is even more devastating for the country as it is already struggling with Coronavirus as well as an economic crisis. The blast resulted in the hospitals filling up beyond capacity while looking for blood supplies and generators to keep the lights on. The army reached the spot and helped battle the fire at the port after the explosion. Reporters of local TV and radio channels read out names of the people who were missing or wounded as there was chaos about the people to know about their families whereabouts. The country was at a 2 day grace period before reinforcing its lockdown and people were therefore outside their homes resulting in high traffic during the blast.

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