Bent iPhone6 Sparks #BendGate Reactions On Twitter

Siddharth Das
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Bent iPhone6 Sparks #BendGate Reactions On Twitter

Loyal iPhone6 users are learning the hard way that anything sleek and slim is not a good thing. Apple holds the rank when it comes to “Breakability” but does it score high when it comes to “Bendability”? Perhaps not! With so many complaints pouring in from its users on social media platforms that iPhone 6 bends in their tight pant pockets. Apple has been plagued by glitches which include the bending problem and its update issues. However, brands were not far from taking digs at Apple, in order to market their own brands with the #BendGate trend on Twitter.

Take a look at how Tweeple reacted to Apple's blunder

1 – Don’t try bending your NOKIA. Ever!



2 - Curves are sexy. But not on your smartphones.


3 - 2 Minutes Silence For Those Who Waited In Line To Be The First Ones.


4 - A Game-changer and revolutionary phone it was, they said… It would bend they never said!



5 – May be it won’t bend anymore if you try Bending it like Beckham



KitKat's perfectly timed social media campaign, plays on their brand tagline, taking a dig at Apple.




Our condolences with you , if you’ve purchased yourself an iPhone6!

May Apple soon come up with an iRoller to straighten out the bends.

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