The year 2020 explored different subjects and the audience had an opportunity to consume a variety of content. Here are the best 2020 short films that you can add to your watch-list now!

2020 has been an important year in terms of consuming entertainment. The audience had a variety of options when it came to choosing the content. Not just with the language but also with the format -feature, series, documentary, and short films. Many 2020 short films caught the viewers’ attention.

A lot of film directors experimented with storytelling by making short films. Different subjects are chosen so that viewers’ attention gets grabbed quickly towards a short film. Right from Kajol’s Devi to Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s Ghar ki Murgi,2020 was indeed a bright year for this fascinating format.

Check out our list for best 2020 short films now:


Ghar Ki Murgi

The lovers

Kaande Pohe

Holi ka Dahan


Budh ( Awakening)

Train Crash

The relationship manager

Sarvagun Sampan

Ved and Arya

Banana Bread



Call him Eddy

Everything is fine

Nice to Meet you

Haba Goba


The long Goodbye

Take a break from your never-ending work from home schedule and enjoy a short film now!

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