Twitter is the one place that can make you laugh, cry, and boil with anger with just a few minutes of scrolling. The interesting hashtags that keep trending here range from extremely relevant to completely light-hearted, the latest addition to the latter being #BestMovieLineEver trend! So, check out what Twitterati have to say about the best movie line ever they’ve come across.

From Baadshah to Bond, twitterati all across are talking about the #BestMovieLineEver according to them, and they’re sure to make you go down memory lane when you think about the movie. From classics to rom-coms, every film made made its way to the trend and we’re loving this celebration of cinema. We compiled some that we thought would surely hit home for most of you as it did for us!

Check out some of the most interesting Best Movie Line Ever tweets:

1. We can’t not start with Bollywood and all our favorite lines!

2. Joker was always the wisest

3. The ultimate question

4. One of those movies that will never lose its impact

5. Sad truth

6. Truer words have not been spoken (The movie is ‘Ask Me Anything’ in case you were wondering)

7. As you grow up, you realize Pulp Fiction is not just a movie, it’s a major mood!

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8. The Wolf Of Wall Street. The name’s enough.

9. Yes

10. Another great series

11. Me to myself

12. Or that keep us alive, same thing

13. True but ouch

14. We feel it makes us vulnerable

15. We saved the best for the last!

For me, I don’t think I’ll ever get over Jack Dawson’s “You jump, I jump, remember?”

Which movie line gives you goosebumps? Share with us!