10 best shows you can watch on ALTBalaji right now!

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These ALTBalaji shows are sure to leave you entertained for sure!

We live in a smart world filled with smartphones, smart TV, and smart computers. This trend has also led to the maximum usage of data, especially via OTT platforms. More content is being consumed, hence platforms are producing more shows and movies to give the audience what they want. Today, we talk about one such OTT platform - ALTBalaji. If you thought a subscription of Amazon Prime Video was cheap, you haven't heard of ALTBalaji.

Launched by Balaji Telefilms Ltd. in 2017, this platform gives you some of the best forms of digital entertainment at your fingertips. So if you're wondering where to start from, here are 10 best shows you can start binge-watching right now on ALTBalaji -

1. Broken But Beautiful Season 1 & 2

If love, drama and relatable modern-day stories are things you enjoy watching then Broken But Beautiful is one web series that will satiate all your binge-watching needs! The show already has two seasons which are available on ALTBalaji and stars Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi as the protagonists. The characters are flawed and broken but beautiful in their own way. You will fall in love with their story but also their personal journies of becoming themselves.

2. Apharan

Loved Sacred Games and Mirzapur? You'll love this one! Apharan is an ALTBalaji original based on kidnapping and is shot in Uttarakhand. This action drama is simply perfect for the Indian audiences.

3. Boygiri

Looking for a light-hearted show? Boygiri is just the one for you. Featuring six men who are refusing to take up responsibilities of adulthood, this story is based on the principles of friendship and boyhood.

4. Romil and Jugal

A modern-day 'Romeo and Juliet' featuring a love story of 2 men, Romil and Jugal. Produced by Ekta Kapoor, this story was inspired by Shakespeare's play where 2 men struggle to get their love accepted in an orthodox Indian society.

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5. Dev DD

The spirit of feminism takes shape with another original, Dev DD. A bold and confident Vicky refuses to compromise according to societal norms and speaks her mind. She challenges patriarchy and opens up about stigmatized topics like sex, homosexuality and a lot more.

6. The Test Case

Building up on women empowerment is our next recommendation - The Test Case. The story revolves around Captain Shikha Sharma of the Indian army. She is the only woman who is a part of the Special Forces and this inspiring show talks about her struggles and how she triumphs over each of them.

7. Gandii Baat

As the name suggests, the show is all about fictional erotic tales based in rural India. There are only 2 seasons with 4 episodes each but the storyline is creative and the narrative is excellent.

8. Class of 2017

A very realistic approach portraying lives of adolescents in India today. A bunch of young students get trapped in the world of drugs, peer pressure and sex in this show and how they learn important life lessons while overcoming these issues.

9. Home

The Indian middle class has always been the least portrayed in TV shows, and that's exactly what Home talks about. An Indian middle-class family being pressurized by society against the class and caste systems. Home also showcases little light-hearted moments in the family that keeps them all together.

10. Fourplay

A suspicious letter delivered to a married couple leads to disastrous but hilarious consequences. If you enjoy funny couple banter, then this one is for you.

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