Beyonce, CR7 dominate the most Liked Instagram pictures in 2017!

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As we enter the last month of 2017, let us look back at some of the biggest moments and most liked Instagram pictures, which were surprisingly dominated by babies!

The leading one among the most liked Instagram pictures clocked in more than 11.1Mn Likes, a number that would have the ordinary people like us pretty much faint and Google ‘How to handle fame’ when we’re revived. Not so surprisingly, the most liked Instagram picture happens to belong to Beyonce’s maternity shoot, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby daughter with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. It was quite the year for the Real Madrid talisman, both in terms of personal and professional happiness.

We bring you the most liked Instagram pictures from this past year, a list that has been dominated by Beyonce and her brood, and Cristiano Ronaldo and his little CR7s!

Beyonce won this as early as February, and looks strong to finish this year on top. This picture from her maternity photoshoot has racked up more than 11.1Mn Likes and is also the ‘MOST LIKED INSTAGRAM PICTURE EVER!’

As Beyonce fans are used to saying, Queen Bey slays!

The second most Liked picture on Instagram came in just close to Beyonce’s tally of 11.1Mn. Excruciatingly close, and Cristiano Ronaldo will have to settle for something he hates the most, second place.

This picture of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Jr. and Georgina Rodriguez beaming just after the delivery of Cristiano’s fourth child, a daughter, Alana Martina. It racked up 11Mn Likes.

Hey Cristiano, there’s still a month to go, maybe you could make it.

Selena Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram has had a tough year. She was diagnosed with lupus complications and needed a kidney transplant.

In the most beautiful gesture of friendship, her friend Francia Raisa came through and donated hers to Selena. The third most liked picture of Instagram shows Selena and Francia at the hospital after the operation, smiling at each other. The picture is captioned with a heartfelt note of thanks from Selena for her friend, and received 10.3Mn Likes.

Surprise surprise, it’s twin time and Beyonce makes it to fourth place with her little munchkins, Sir Carter and Rumi, pictured at 1 month old.

Beyonce looks like radiant as she stands in the sun like a Goddess, holding Sir Carter and Rumi, who at less than one-year-old, are already more popular than I still am. No complaints though.

Now to round off the list, in the fifth spot, comes in Cristiano Ronaldo once again, although not much is different here as he too holds his newborn twins in his arms. Babies rule!

This picture of Cristiano Ronaldo and his twins, Mateo and Eva racked up more than 8.2Mn Likes, concluding the baby dominated list of the top 5 most liked Instagram pictures in 2017!

Of course, things could change by the time December ends, so go on, hit that Like button and help your favourite celebrity be number 1!

Excerpts for this story were taken from The Independent.

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