Lockdown has been one of a kind experience for all of us. Bhalla calling Bhalla is one sitcom that talks about a crazy family stuck in the current lockdown situation.

Lockdown has been hard for people physically and mentally. With less to do at home, watching series (read, A LOT) is one of the few ways of entertainment that people have indulged in. And giving them a reason are the OTT platforms that are releasing new and interesting series and shows. Standing out amongst these is Zee5‘s Bhalla calling Bhalla because of the way it is produced.

The show that is a mini-series of 10-minute episodes is completely shot on phone cameras, quite in line with the current situation. It introduces the audiences to a fun family that is stuck in different parts of the world, courtesy of the lockdown. The show tries to show the funny side of a family that is crazy at the same time even during these situations.

Starring Gaurav Gera, Rajesh Kumar,  Lubna Salim, Gracy Goswami and Leenesh Mattoo the show is directed by Deven Munjal. The show also tries to explore a new type of filmmaking during the lockdown situation.

Here’s how people reacted to Zee5’s Bhalla calling Bhalla:

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Check out the trailer here:

The show is now streaming on Zee5!