Vicky Kaushal and Dharma take us on a ride full of cliches trying to bring in a scare among the audience. Keep scrolling to read the review for Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship.

A new instalment of a very unrealistic college story from Dharma is not going to be the only thing that scares us. With Bhoot Part One: the Haunted Ship, Dharma Production has actually entered the horror genre. While half of its job is done with the good looks of India’s current heartthrob who makes every girl’s heart skip a beat, Vicky Kaushal as the lead, Dharma has tried really hard to scare its Indian audience with the story. It has turned out to be a fact that Indian horror movies usually fail to scare us, and although the trailer of the movie made our hopes go high it failed to hit the bull’s eye.

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Vicky who plays an officer with a devasting past that he wants to get over is on a mission to find the secret behind a mysterious ship, Sea bird that washed onshore out of nowhere. The movie then revolves around his encounter with the unusual and his efforts to make it out alive.

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What you can expect from the movie you ask? A very handsome Vicky Kaushal (you can stop drooling now), a ghost (of course), a ghost going against the force of gravity and climbing every possible place she can, drama. Basically you can expect all the elements of a horror movie you already knew. You can also have some laughs in between, which is for sure not what the scene intended to be like. The movie that has a good first half with a lot of jumps and scares ends up killing the vibe in the second half. The way it is shot is what makes the movie worth watching. And when you leave the theatre, you will definitely question Dharma’s idea of releasing the second part.

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