Bhuvan Bam's journey so far shows you what hard work and consistency looks like

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Bhuvan Bam's journey so far

As we celebrate this star’s birthday, here's some highlights of Bhuvan Bam’s journey so far!

Bhuvan Bam has been in the digital space for quite some time and could be counted as one of the faces that gave people hope regarding having a career as content creator. He has over time proven how good he is at connecting with young Indian masses in his own quirky way. Sharing stories has always been his plus and his success and multiple milestones are proof. Bhuvan Bam's journey so far is enough to show this content driven generation what hard work and consistency can help us achieve.

A creator who attained fame before the popularity of short video platforms, Bhuvan was a constant face and topic of most friend group chats with his videos. Some discovered him on YouTube, others were introduced to him by friends. No matter where people became familiar with him, they considered themselves to be among the cool ones. His characters became popular enough that those dialogues were quotes in regular chats between friends. People became excited every time he dropped a new video and the crazy continues even today. Even with thousands of new people joining the creator community, BB is counted among the OGs who every new and experienced creator admires . He has since stepped into other platforms and given the audience more reason to love him. From producing his own web series 'Dhindoora' with all of his characters to debuting on OTT with Hotstar originals 'Taaza Khabar’, he has also been recognized for his contributions in the entertainment industry. As he continues to grow in his content journey, we made a list of some of his highlights so far.

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Check them out!

Completed 7 years of BB Ki Vines last year

People have been loving his OTT debut 'Taaza Kabaar'

He soon announced another show on Amazon mini TV

Among many firsts, his music video for Dhindora’s title track featured 16+ content creators and became a hit among netizens

He had the chance to meet and interview the cast of Money Heist for the final season, where fans noticed just how much he looked like The Professor

He was awarded the 'Most Stylish Creator' award by and we know he deserved it. (PS: People still can't stop asking him the secret behind his hair)

Another for being an 'Online Sensation'

Interviewed popular celebrities on Tittu Talks while giving internet's favourite memes

Collaborated on a music video 'Kill Chori' with Shraddha Kapoor

Dhindora is listed #2 in the IMDb Most Popular Web Series 2021 

Graced the cover of Social Ketchup for the October 2021 edition

Happy Birthday, Bhuvan!

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