With the new year, the Bigg Boss sees a new fight between Shehnaz and Sidharth while rest upset the host Salman. Check out the weekly roundup of Bigg Boss 13.

2020 is here and the contestants embrace it by wake up to new hopes. But even new beginnings could not hold them from fighting and bickering, as if its some vicious loop they cannot find a way out of. ‘Roti’ and ‘Duty’ continue to be the two important ‘Muddas’ of fights inside the house. The breakfast is delayed and Shehnaz tries to convince Rashami and Vishal to club lunch and dinner to which Rashami opposes stating that this has become a trend in her captaincy. The duo also claims that breakfast is always skipped which hurts Mahira as she the one responsible for the duty. Objecting to the allegation, Mahira clarifies that she has been cooking breakfast every day on time.

Capitalising on a small disagreement between Shehnaz and Sidharth, Shefali Bagga and Vishal try to paint Shehnaz’s mind against Sidharth. Vishal almost convinces Shehnaz that Sidharth is now prioritising Mahira over her. Shefali tells her that she is always subjected to injustice which is not right. Shehnaz, on the other hand, is facing a tough time with Sidharth once gain who is upset with her for getting manipulated by Vishal and Shefali Bagga.

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Salman Khan enters the house without prior intimation and expresses his disappointment in them as they wish him. In complete disgust, he exclaims that they all are looking miserable on screen and need to get their act right. Salman loses his calm on Asim and questions him on calling Sidharth’s father ‘a cry baby’ despite knowing that he is no more and clarifies that abusing is not the route to gain screen presence. He raises his voice on Asim regarding his changed personality and informs that he is coming across as bad and irritating. Moving over to Sidharth, he reprimands him for being abusive and crossing all limits. Upset and angry, Salman rebukes Rashami for putting blame on cameramen and crew for portraying them in a negative light. He tells her if she feels that the team is doing injustice in any way, she must walk out of the house the very moment.

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