As the finale approaches, Bigg Boss give an opportunity to the contestants to get immunity. Check out the complete Bigg Boss Roundup to know who earned the immunity to become part of the finalists.

Bigg Boss announces that Sidharth’s period of interim captaincy has come to an end. Up next, the contestants are called up in the garden area for a press conference. While the contestant dreads it, they gear up to face the media. The media starts the question and answer and the first one is darted at Rashami. A media representative asks her about her relationship status. She says that she doesn’t seem to have a future with him and wants to focus on her career. Sidharth, too, is grilled by the scribes about his aggressive behaviour throughout the show. Sidharth very calmly replies that he merely gives a reaction to an action. He says that he just raises the bar that the other person sets. He can be good if someone is good with him and that he can do worse if someone is bad to him. When Mahira is quizzed about not listening to her mother’s advice and giving a lot of importance to Paras, she says she likes his strategies which is why she listens to him. On the other hand, Paras is asked about his constant name-calling for his girlfriend. He says that when two people are in a relationship and do things for each other, they do it out of love and that he is not giving a tipni.

The Bigg Boss finale is inching closer and the contestants are gearing up for D-day. Curiosity peaks inside the house as Bigg Boss announces a task that will give the non-elite club members a golden opportunity to win immunity. In this task, Paras, Mahira, Aarti and Shehnaz have to sit inside turtle shells until the next buzzer. If they fail to do so, they will lose out on the only chance to win immunity. While Rashami is the sanchalak, Asim and Sidharth can use tactics to pull them out of the shell. The buzzer rings and the four contestants take their places inside the turtle shells. However, they fail to deliver the task as per the rules, and therefore Bigg Boss ends the same.


Bigg Boss, later announces an unexpected task which gives the nominated contestants a second chance to win immunity and secure their place in the finale week. In the task, Paras and Mahira are locked in one jail while Aarti and Shehnaz are in another. Each jail has 5 gates. The immunity card is placed in between the two jails and one contestant has to cross all the gates to win immunity. The keys to the gates are kept on a table to which only the elite club members have access. At different intervals, a gong will ring and after every gong, whoever picks the keys gets a chance to release the contestant of their choice and bring them a step ahead. The one contestant who reaches the end of the jail will win immunity.

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Rashami, Asim and Sidharth are unable to come to a consensus on which contestant they want to save. While Rashami and Asim choose Aarti and Shehnaz, Sidharth decides to support Paras to return the favour for the last nominations when Paras saved him. The first gong rings and Asim tries to block Sidharth from taking the key but he manages to grab it. Sidharth opens the gate for Paras. This leaves Paras in tears as he didn’t expect it while Aarti and Shehnaz seem heartbroken. Asim sees this as an opportunity to turn Shehnaz and Aarti against Sidharth. He tries to give them a reality check but Shehnaz gets angry and bashes Asim. She tells him to back off since she wasn’t his priority and that he wanted to save Aarti. The fight gets ugly when Sidharth and Asim get into a verbal spat.

Before signing off for the day, Shehnaz has a word with Sidharth on why he didn’t save her. Their discussion ends up in a fight. After a while, Aarti too joins the chat. She informs Sidharth that even though he saved Paras, they have always supported him.

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