The number of children deaths in Muzaffarpur, Bihar do not seem to be coming down anytime soon, as the disease Acute Encephalitis spreads even more. More than 100 children have died way before than they were supposed to at the clutches of this treacherous disease.

Acute encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, and causes seizures and episodes of coma. The Weather Channel India has been giving continous updates on this with #BiharEncephalitisDeaths.

Another interesting, and pertinent thing considering the matter is of grave seriousness is that according to an article by The Hindu, people are confusing Acute Encephalitis with Encephalopathy.

People are raising their voices and sending out concern and good thoughts to the families, while also saying that this is a very serious error on the government’s part and such a situation should not have occurred at all. The healthcare system should have been updated and kids should have been provided with proper precautions.

The matter was fueled when Bihar’s Health Minister, Mangal Pandey, asked for the number of wickets that had fallen in the World Cup match between India and Pakistan during a press meet that was held to discuss this issue.

The kind of indifference our politicians are showing towards matters of such importance truly makes citizens question their choices. It is high time the authority realized that this issue needs to be addressed immediately and that we do not have any more time to waste.