14 cosy fictional homes you'd want to live in RN!

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fictional homes

fictional homes

Which one would you choose, Monica and Rachel's apartment from FRIENDS or Aisha's from Wake Up Sid? Some fictional homes like these are so picture perfect that we'd all wanna live in them IRL!

Home isn't just a place, it's a feeling and since it's our personal and private space, it's the only place where we truly revel in the comfort. And when we spend quality time at home, we want it to be an extension of us. And to decorate them in our style, we tend to take some inspiration from what we watch in films or series. Because those spaces, just like ours, reflect these characters! And since we relate to them so much, it's understandable why we end up wanting to live in their fictional homes or at least recreate one IRL. It's as if these houses have their own individuality and know how to speak for themselves while speaking for the people inhabiting them. And hence we don't just want those purple door from FRIENDS or that yellow wall from Wake Up Sid, we want the whole vibe that comes with these houses we've fallen in love with.

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Here's what we want for ourselves!

Aisha Banerjee's apartment in Wake Up Sid 

Don't we all want to paint a wall yellow and put up those birds, photos, a swing, a coffee table book, fairy lights on a curtain, and so much more? It's the perfect setup for some me time or when you have friends over.


Monica and Rachel's apartment in FRIENDS 

If you've watched FRIENDS and you haven't tried to replicate that damn purple apartment or at least wished to live in a flat like that, hoping to find a group of friends like them, have you even lived right? 


Kiara's apartment in Dear Zindagi 

Even though we see Kiara's apartment for a short while, that rustic feel and old-school charm with the blend of modernity makes for a dream house for anyone who wants a studio apartment or a space of their own! 


Carrie's apartment in Sex and The City 

Let's all admit that Carries's walk-in closet, no matter how much it's a cliche, is something we want in our very real lives. Even her apartment is small but sufficient and it's every writer's perfect space! 


Apartment 4D in New Girl 

If there ever were a fictional place that would scream fun, it would be apartment 4D! It's the perfect blend of a bachelor pad where a wild party and living in peace the following morning go hand in hand. 


Tara and Karan's apartment in Made In Heaven 

In season 2, we saw Tara and Karan as roommates and their stylized apartment, which seemed so homely and inviting. It has art, culture, and an aesthetic that we'd all want right now.


Bhaskor's house in Piku 

Piku's house oozes a homely feel. It aptly represents how a pure Bengali house will look or feel, especially in Delhi. It's home away from home! 


Pearson's house in This Is Us 

Apart from the Pearson family themselves, the house that Jack built is one of the best places for a family to live and grow. It has a comfortable vibe and enough space to fit everyone and their needs. 


Dice Media homes in Little Things/ What The Folks/ PFA/ Adulting 

It is not just the characters of Dice Media shows that are relatable but also their apartments that depict their personalities. This chic-modern look in a budget-friendly package is always on the radar of the new generation! 


Iris' cottage and Amanda's house in The Holiday 

When Iris and Amanda exchange houses to get away from their respective lives, Amanda gets to live in a small, comfy cottage in England while Iris travels to San Fransisco and lives in a lavish and luxurious mansion with a modern color-coded look. Despite having such different aesthetics, both offer peace and quiet and so much envy!

The Holiday

Mishra's house in Gullak

It's the most middle-class house aesthetic you see but who says that it isn't aspirational or great? The Mishra's house exudes warmth and reflects the hard work and struggle that this family represents. I don't know about you but I'd definitely want to live here!


The beach house in Grace and Frankie 

If you want to live on the beach, you'd want your house to look like Grace and Frankie's. With its zen aesthetic, it looks like the most peaceful place to live in especially if you enjoy some peace and quiet.


Aditi's house in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 

Aditi's house has that romantic, warm aesthetic attached to it. It is open and breezy yet offers privacy. Oh and how can we forget Amit's room that looked like every artist's paradise!

Aditi: Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na – The Bollywood Guide to a Broken Heart

Lorelai's house in Gilmore Girls 

Those archways and that girl aesthetic are to die for! This one depicts the two Gilmore girls' contrasting personalities and the balance they still find, making it one of the most perfect places to live at! 

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai's House and the Gilmore Mansion

Which one would you want to live in? Tell us in the comments below! 

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