IPs from films and TV shows that we wish were real!

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IP ideas from films and tv shows

IP ideas from films and tv shows

Mumbai Beat, Scarlet Magazine or Hogwarts, who wouldn't want these to be a reality? IP's like these left us dreaming for far too long and we'd love for them to exist in our world.

Intellectual property aka IP is a creation ranging from an invention to any artistic property created for a purpose. By that definition, every film and show is an IP of its makers. Like the movie Social Network, based on Mark Zuckerberg and his IP, Facebook, is the intellectual property of the filmmakers. However, when we talk about IP ideas from films and shows, we don't mean the original script idea of the movie; we're talking about IP ideas that were invented by the characters in movies or TV shows. For instance, Elective Memory Removal from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind or the working Jurassic Park from the Jurassic Park Franchise. Like these, some IP ideas were so magically fantastic that we'd love for them to very much exist IRL!

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Check them out!

Magazine - Wake Up Sid and The Bold Type

Many films have represented writers but we hardly get excited about their workplace. That's where Mumbai Beat from Wake Up Sid or Scarlet from The Bold Type comes in as they're the magazines we'd all like to work for even if they are dreamy rather than apt reality!


School - Harry Potter and The X-Men Franchise

If you grew up watching Harry Potter and X-Men, then it's hard to imagine that you didn't wait for that letter from Hogwarts or to hear from Professor X to join the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. We'd love for these schools to be real because being different was celebrated here, not called out! And who wouldn't want an invisibility cloak, a room of requirements, or the power to bring storms or read minds? 


Wedding company - Made In Heaven and Band Bajaa Baaraat 

Gone are the days when chachas or mamas of the house handled weddings! While wedding planners and event companies are already a reality, who wouldn't still like to work for a company like Made in Heaven or Band Bajaa Baaraat


Computer and pencil - Koi... Mil Gaya and Shaka Laka Boom Boom 

Growing up as kids in India, there was a time when we all wanted a Jaadu for ourselves and a pencil that brought to life whatever we drew on the page! 


Aladdin ka Chirag and Janet - Aladdin and The Good Place 

Who wouldn't want a genie to grant them three wishes? No kidding—we all wanted to be Aladdin and get a genie in a lamp! While a genie is tremendous, magical, and fantasy, an AI like Janet from The Good Place would be great! After all, her brain is like Chacha Chaudhary


Car - Back To The Future Franchise and Tarzan 

Many fancy cars can be developed with extra unique features but nothing could ever beat the joy of having The DeLorean from Back to the Future or the wonder car Tarzan from the movie Tarzan


Which IP ideas do you wish were real? Tell us in the comments below! 

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