7 onscreen nurses who we've loved to watch!

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Onscreen nurses

Onscreen nurses

There is a shortage of representation of nurses in films and shows, yet here are some onscreen nurses that depict the underappreciated profession in a wise and sensitive manner. 

Being a nurse is difficult and demanding because it requires extreme compassion, dedication, and strength to care for those who can't do it for themselves. But it's also a profession that is rather undervalued. You might think that going by the number of medical dramas made, there'll be enough representation of nurses onscreen but that's hardly the case. They are often sidelined as doctors become heroes or they're typecasted during Halloween as scary or slutty nurses. While there may be a dearth of sensitive representation of nurses onscreen, here are some onscreen nurses who, while entertaining us, also touch base with the various aspects of being a nurse. 

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Check them out! 

Cherian - Mumbai Diaries 

Cherian is one of those few nurses from an Indian show who, amidst the ensemble of doctors, still steals the spotlight with her spot-on representation of nurses acting as mothers of the hospital, holding it all in! 


Mildred Ratched - The Ratched 

Mildred Ratched was introduced to us as an evil nurse in the film 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', whose evilness is explained in a spin-off series based on her. She is one of those conniving, scheming nurses who everyone is afraid of.


Sofia - Guzaarish 

Sofia truly represents how emotionally invested, sacrificial, responsible, and hard the job of a home nurse is. Having to take care of a completely dependent, bedridden person 24 hours a day, every day is taxing and her character portrays that well.

Guzaarish (2010)

Amy and Charles - The Good Nurse 

Based on the true story of a serial killer who killed patients while attending to them as a male nurse, via Amy and Charles, The Good Nurse portrays the hardships of the nurses with a commentary on the lack of care and support that the American healthcare industry offers nurses. 

The Truth, Fiction, and Outrage in Netflix's 'The Good Nurse' | Vanity Fair

Radha - Khamoshi 

Radha is one of those few nurses from Hindi films who becomes an example of the emotional strain and toll that the nurses endure in this profession as she becomes mentally unstable herself while taking care of a demented person! 



Madame Pomfrey - Harry Potter series 

Even if not the most important character in the film series but still one of the most prominent figurines of our childhood, Madame Pomfrey was probably one of the first representations of a nurse on screen for most of us! 


Sheeja - Ludo 

Sheeja and other nurses in the film give us an honest depiction of how grueling and gruesome the job of a nurse is which also entails cleaning someone's poop, changing their urine bag, and more! 


Who is your favorite onscreen nurse? Tell us in the comments below! 

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