Wish and Woh Bhi Din The reel in the summer nostalgia!

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Wish and Woh Bhi Din The

Wish and Woh Bhi Din The

Disney's Wish and Zee5's Woh Bhi Din The take you back in time to summer afternoons spent with friends or in front of the TV watching Disney cartoons.

The advent of summer brings the desire to lie down under the fan on a sunny day, play board games with friends or loiter around the building in search of the golawala. Remembering these days from our childhood sounds so much better than sitting in AC rooms today with our laptop screens wide open while we work tirelessly. The little time we get, we spend it either by catching up on pending housework that we've ignored all week or by lazing around endlessly scrolling on Instagram and binge-watching content on OTT platforms. When this is reality, who wouldn't reminisce about running back from school only to watch cartoons on Disney channel or procrastinating on holiday homework just to chill with some friends? While friends are busy and golas are too quick to give us a bad throat Wish and Woh Bhi Din The, that end up making you hit with that same childhood nostalgia? 

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Made by the makers of Frozen, Wish is a Disney film that pays tribute to the company that completed its 100 years. Though it's not your usual homage, it is a film that, while paying its due credit to Disney, also has an identity of its own. Asha's struggle to protect and give the people of Rosas their wishes back is about cherishing Disney's hopeful, magical, and dreamy world and the solace it provided us. It's not just the story but the easter eggs of Disney films with over 500 characters that make it even more fun! While Wish is about celebrating Disney, it is also about what it meant for all of us to grow up with Disney and its films, characters, and valuable messages! Who can forget Hakuna Matata! No wonder the film makes you relive all those memories while watching Snow White, Cinderella, Bambi, The Lion King, Pinocchio, and more.

Though Wish was a pleasant surprise from Disney, Woh Bhi Din The on Zee5 is what threw us off! A film by Sajid Ali that was released 11 years after being made, stars the very young Rohit Saraf, Adarsh Gourav, and Sanjana Sanghi in pivotal roles, much before they became who they are today! Set up in Jamshedpur's missionary school, the film is a ride back to school days with its apt depiction. We can all resonate with playing Holi when the last exam is over or figuring out our crush's relationship status by playing out FLAMES! Moreover, this coming-of-age tale gets dark and honest with its detailed depiction of growing up in the 90s. But listening to Beatles, sharing mixtapes of English music, tuition romance, a school trip to Gangotri, not Goa, talking endlessly on landline phones, school fairs, and childhood friendships where you go through everything for the first time together, hits right on the mark. It's like listening to Chhichhore's 'Woh Din' and getting lost in your memories! 

Even though both films have limitations,they are comforting sources of going back in time when life was challenging but simpler! The innocent naivety that came with the lack of knowledge was acceptable because the curiosity of knowing was ranked higher. I know those old days of chilling with friends in summer are gone like our childhood but we can still choose to spend our summers watching these two films and reel in the nostalgia.

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