Women and Crime: Films that proof things haven't all changed for good!

Women fighting is awesome, but when women fight against crimes being committed against them, it is a different feeling altogether! So here are some films that depict women and crime against them! 

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Women and Crime

Women and Crime

The recent news of a foreigner who was on a trip with her husband getting gang raped in Jharkhand has left the internet in uproars. And if it is any example, then it is of how things for women haven't changed all for good! The slogan of 'Beti Padaho, Beti Bachao' or the numerous talks/discussions over feminism has brought a lot of information and knowledge about women and their right to be free. It paved the way for the wave of change for women but hasn't made them safe and secure yet. There is still a long battle ahead to be fought, and one thing that definitely helps to put things in perspective concerning understanding women and crime against them is our films! 

Violence against women is not an uncommon trope in Indian cinema. Either she is part of the villain's grand scheme or saving her izzat is the only way for a hero's journey! While women-centric films and strong female characters in films and web series have changed this and established a strong foothold for women, we also need to talk about the actual crimes they suffer. Like how Delhi Crime, or Dahaad, talks about a gang rape of a woman or murder by a serial killer who wants to teach women a lesson, despite showing women police officers fighting for their justice. SHE, Bombay Begums, and Hush Hush depict how women's bodies are misused, objectified, and sexually harassed over the years. Under the guise of romance, family, marriage, status, and so much more, women must suffer through many things! 

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So here are some films that have made a solid case of how women have to suffer through various crimes being brought against them, and while things are starting to change, they haven't changed all for good. 


Through a dark comedy, it talks about how we all have normalized the deep-rooted problem of domestic violence and its repercussions on women! 



Through a metaphoric and literal slap, it talks about how deep-seated gender stereotypes lead to crime against women, especially domestic violence! 



Through a courtroom drama, it talks about how, despite talks about women's independence, we have attached different sets of rules for men and women! 


Monsoon Wedding 

Through a wedding, it talks about the predators that exist in our own families and the traumas of child sexual abuse! 



Through a kidnapping, it talks about the freedom from being chained in one's own family because of years of suffering from sexual abuse as a child! 



Through narrating the tale of an acid attack survivor, it talks about how women suffer through the plight of revenge from men! 



Through the connection between a grieving father and a ghost, it talks about the harsh truth that lurks in the dark alleys of prostitution! 



Through an investigative-jourmalistic thriller, it talks about the dark reality of abuse of young females in an orphanage! 


The Great Indian Kitchen 

Through a household, it talks about how a woman always gets chained to the kitchen and makes food for the entire family after her marriage! 



Through a story of justice, it talks about the issue of women getting raped, even a small child of 9 years old, and the embeddedness of this problematic behavior in men in our society! 



Through a fairy tale love story turned a nightmare; it talks about the blindness in romance that often leads a woman to put up with her wife beating her husband! 


Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey 

Through the story of a woman fighting, it talks about how a wife after her marriage who won't put up with her husband's abusive behavior ends up causing a lot of trouble for him! 


We wish to see more such films be made in the future that explore the issues of women and crime against them in such an in-depth, insightful manner, educating the entire society about it! Which one did you love the most, and what did we miss? Tell us in the comments below! 

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