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Zakir Khan's Tathastu

Zakir Khan's Tathastu is that food for soul comedy stand-up about his own journey that makes you want to go down a memory lane of your own!

After a long time, Zakir Khan is back with his comedy special and it's totally worth the wait! Zakir Khan's Tathastu has that charm of nostalgia mixed with bouts of laughter and lessons presented on the best storytelling platter. He takes you on a fun ride full of laughter along with some emotional moments that depict his journey of growing up in a joint family and offers an unfiltered peek into his life in the funniest way possible. With Tathastu he has recreated his magic and his trademark style of mixing poetry with stand-up that's relatable and will teach you a thing or two. But this one is more special than the others; it leaves you a little choked and full of warmth.

According to Zakir, Tathastu is closest to his heart, he's dedicated it to his grandfather, the well-known veteran Indian classical instrumentalist, and vocalist Ustad Moinuddin Khan, and talks about the life lessons he learned from him.“Tathastu is a special where I have not lied at all and it took me 2 years to write its script. It's a very personal story with multiple layers as it belongs to me and my people. Every time we talk about relatable things with people; this time I want to make it as personal as I can make it and see whether it will fly or not. I remember my grandfather passed away and I had dates booked for live shows. When this special was still in the works, I just had to talk about what happened and why I couldn’t meet him for the last time.”.

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The way he weaves each slice of life into another and binds them all together, in the end, is something only he can do. He doesn't shy away from telling anything and this special may be to date his up-close and most personal form we have ever seen. Tathastu talks about his grandfather not in the form of remembering him but like most of us do by going over our stories with our grandparents. That's why when he talks about his death, it hits us the most because now we feel like we know him personally without ever having met him.

His minute observations about life like what it's like to live in a joint family, how he wants a woman exactly like his roommate Vikas, what happens during a funeral, and what he faced during his time of struggles, all of them feel like your stories too. Maybe that's why Zakir's style of stand-up comedy that's always been a mix of his poetic and sarcastic self resonates so well with us. No wonder people get pulled toward him. His repetitive pattern seems to find its own rhythm that works with the flow of the script while his improvisation with the audience seems oh-so-natural. Though one thing is unique in this special besides it being so personal - his stand-up seems to have grown just as he is!

So to say that Zakir Khan's Tathastu is an ode to his grandfather or himself would not be fair. It's a nostalgic walk down his memory lane in the funniest way possible while paying a tribute to his grandfather, who in his many unique ways taught Zakir Khan to be who he is today!

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