#BingeRewind: Underrated films of 2022 that deserved more attention and acclaim

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#BingeRewind: Underrated films of 2022 that deserved more attention and acclaim

#LetsKetchup: Here's shedding some light on underrated films of 2022 that didn't make a lot of noise but were definitely worth watching.

There are so many movies to watch and such little time and no one can watch it all even if they desperately want to. Audiences often flock to theatres to watch films that generate a lot of hype especially on social media. One good example is Brahmastra which was a success at the box office. But there are tons of movies that have all the makings of a great film but don't make a lot of noise. Many such underrated films of 2022 deserve a watch even if they are no longer running in the theatres.

They might not be made for the masses, but who says only mainstream movies work? All movies have an audience. In the era of OTT platforms, we are privileged enough to have access to underrated movies whenever we want to watch them. Why not support good stories and good storytellers by doing something as simple as consuming content then?

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We made a list of some underrated movies of 2022 that we liked watching! Hope you do too!

An Action Hero

What can be better than a satire and a commentary on the Indian entertainment industry and its current state by Bollywood itself?



It's a chilling reality take on the hypocrisy of the virtuous and the length two mothers can actually go to for the sake of their children.


Love Today

It is a rom-com that the younger generation truly deserves while offering a good look into the mirror of what romance today looks like.


Cobalt Blue

This is a 'Call Me By Your Name' from India, a coming-of-age story that offers a deep insight into the colourful romantic world of the protagonists.



This is a tribute to filmmaking as well as to cinema lovers. The most fascinating part of this film is that as it blurs the lines between fact and fiction.



A rare Indian gem of the Western genre that might not be for the masses but it deserved more visibility. The film interestingly makes its setting a character that speaks volumes.


Loop Lapeta

A remake of the German film Run Lola Run, Loop Lapeta offers a true insight into what a good international adaptation looks like.



It is another remake that is a great contribution to the Sci-Fi genre in India. It is not only an intriguing watch but it also tells a story worth watching!



This one is a sweet feel-good film about a man's journey to overcome every obstacle in his way that encourages you to overcome your own!


Matto ki Saikil

A highly underrated slice-of-life film that tugs at your heart as it tells you a relatable and emotional story.



This not-your-regular sports biopic is about children who lack privilege but are full of talent and zest. The social commentary that it offers is worth watching.


Which underrated films of 2022 are you adding to your to-watch list?

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