Upcoming things to watch on Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar and more in June 2019. Get. Set. Binge.

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We’re a busy generation, aren’t we? We are busy traveling, exploring new food, discovering new talents and hobbies, making or laughing at memes. We're also busy creating innovative technology, designing sustainable fashion, turning vegan etc. etc. We’re all doing a little bit of everything but the one thing that we, as the current and thriving online population share an unabashed passion for is - binge-watching shows but alas! Where do we find the time to research which ones to watch?

Watching shows and movies for hours at a stretch or squeezing in those 15 mins of entertainment before a meeting or during lunch breaks. We love watching shows and good, stirring, remarkable content. Well, for we are one of you, we share this love too. So, here’s a list of all the upcoming June shows that you can binge-watch to your heart’s content in June (while you’re out there changing the world, of course!)


1st June

Arthdal Chronicles

3rd June

Malibu Rescue: The Series

4th June

Miranda Sings Live

5th June

Black Mirror - Season 5

7th June

3 Percent

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The Black Godfather

The Chef Show

Designated Survivor: Season 3

Tales of the city

12th June

Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot


14th June

Murder Mystery

Marvel's Jessica Jones -Season 3

Trinkets -Season 1

19th June


21st June

Dark: Season 2

Mr. Iglesias

Dark -Season 2


10th June

Big Little Lies: Season 2

15th June

Los Espookys

17th June



Amazon Prime

4th June

Chasing Happiness

7th June

Mind the Malhotra

14th June

Too Old To Die Young

Absentia -Season 2

Mx Player

7th June

Humorously Yours -Season 2



15th June


We know you can't wait to watch all these shows; well, good thing they're coming very soon! So go on, make your list, you can thank us later.

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