This Rakshabandhan, we’re reminiscing our favorite moments of the most loved on-screen siblings- Alexis and David!

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Alexis and David


There never can and never will be another Alexis and David in the fictional world, they both are truly one of a kind. Sassy, messy yet super stylish and we loved the growth the two had from being frenemies to besties!

Schitt’s Creek till date remains a timeless classic show. The Rose family made a way into our hearts and never left. Their riches to rags story and how they navigate their whole life from scratch once again was a wholesome slice of life. One of the biggest highlights of the show was Alexis and David’s relationship. The two siblings who were once just rich spoilt brats with no real connections or friendships with anyone, literally start to feel things in a different, more real way once they move to the town of Schitt’s Creek. From never having to work, to finding their true calling and doing what they love, the two siblings really grew in each and every episode while also getting to know each other better. Their equation from not caring about where the other sibling is to hating the thought of leaving one another,their arcs were one of the strongest in the show. 

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With hilarious one-liners and too stylish for the town of Schitt’s Creek, here are some of our favorite sibling moments of the two!

When Alexis teaches David how to ride a bike

When the Roses’ initially shifted to the town of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis was dating Mudd who bought her a bicycle for her everyday transportation. Alexis being the spoilt kid that she was back then, expected a whole car but had to make do with what she got. Now the only catch was she didn’t know how to ride a bike because obviously she traveled everywhere by car when she was rich. After learning how to ride a bike from Mudd, Alexis passes on her skills to her brother. Seeing Alexis support David as he pushes his first few pedals was so heartwarming to watch for their parents and for us as viewers as well. She literally holds the back of the seat like a parent would and eventually lets go so he can learn on his own. 

Alexis and David

Alexis making it to David's Wedding

Alexis was supposed to go to the Galapagos Islands when David was about to get married, which is why he gave Stevie the role of Maid of Honor at his wedding. But of course, there was no way Alexis would miss out on her only sibling’s most special day, and she does, much to his surprise. Not just that, she is the one who walks him down the aisle and gives him away to his partner, Patrick.

Alexis and David

The Driver’s test pep talk 

David was super anxious about re-taking his driver’s test, and Alexis reminded him that he is worried sick over this for no reason at all. She makes him realize that our problems are only big in our head and others honestly don’t care about it as much as we do. And that’s exactly what happens. The person taking his test was least bothered to even look at him and was rather into his own issues.

Alexis and David

How David helped Alexis and Ted get back together

Alexis and Ted were broken up and were simply just friends/ colleagues for the longest time. It wasn’t until Ted dated someone else that Alexis got this fear of losing him forever. At his clinic one day, though, David and Ted have an honest heart-to-heart where David tells him about how out of all of Alexis’ relationships the one with Ted was her healthiest and the one that really made her a happier and better person. The two eventually do confess their still lingering feelings to each other and get back together. 

alexis and david

When Alexis says ‘Ew David’ for the first time

‘Ew David’ is one of the most iconic lines from the show that Alexis says. It not only brings out her character but also the relatable sibling relationship they share. We all get annoyed with our siblings for so many things and have different ways of showing that. Alexis’ way was by saying ‘Ew David’ every time she felt annoyed. The first time she said this was in season 1 in the episode ‘Allez Vous’ when he told her to use an anti-aging cream. Alexis might say it with an annoyed face, but seeing their banters always makes us laugh. 

alexis and david

When David was worried about Alexis’ safety

When David and Alexis first moved to Schitt’s Creek, Stevie invited them to a party. While David had absolutely no interest, Alexis desperately wanted to go and know what the party scene was there. David does eventually come to the party under the false pretense that Alexis texted him saying ‘Help’ which later Alexis revealed was just a lie and she never texted him. He was just there to make sure his sister was safe, and the three of them left the party together as a unit. 

alexis and david

What are some of your favorite David and Alexis moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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