8 reasons why Anyone But You made us feel like rom-coms are back!

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Anyone But You

Anyone But You starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell is currently everyone’s favorite rom-com and here’s why we feel the film worked so well with the critics and at the box office!

In the midst of thriller, action and sci-fi films, Anyone But You took us right back to the early 2000s when rom-coms were dominating the screens. Finding a feel-good rom-com in today’s time is rare and this film reminded us of the time when we loved stories that were a casual watch and we loved them for all their cliche elements too. It’s the perfect blend of nostalgia while being relevant with factors that would be loved by the Gen Z as well. When the trailer was released, not many people expected that the film would do well but once it was released, it was surprising to see how many people showed up over the weekend. Maybe all of us were craving a swoon worthy rom-com that we could add to our weekend plans or make it the perfect date night idea.

Anyone But You stars Sydney Sweeney who we have previously seen in Euphoria and The White Lotus season 1 and Glen Powell who was a part of Set It Up on Netflix. It was a pairing we didn’t know we needed and of course good looks definitely help luring the audience into the theatre! 

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Here’s why everyone’s talking about the film!

Enemies to lovers trope

The enemies to lovers arc works best in most rom-coms because of its witty banters, snarky comebacks and ruling love out the window completely. Until they actually realize that in this race of being competitive with each other, they’ve actually gotten to know one another and fallen in love. It’s the build up moments that make all the romantic scenes worth it and this film has plenty of those. 

anyone but you

Two insanely hot lead actors

One thing about quintessential rom-coms - you’ll see two gorgeous people falling in love. Anyone But You does not disappoint on that account. Both Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney have the perfect physique for a movie like this and since so much of the film is shot on a beach, the two were looking sizzling hot in bikinis and shots with their abs piercing through.

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Their chemistry

Chemistry is literally the main ingredient to a good rom-com. The romance might look great on paper but it's up to the leads to make their relationship look authentic to the audiences. Anyone But You totally had that will-they-won't-they dynamic between the characters which created so much spark on-screen. The chemistry was so good that it even started dating rumors between the leads IRL. Even the intimate scenes shown in the movie were jaw dropping and did not feel out of place at all.

anyone but you

Comic timing

The comedy in this film was surprisingly good. The wacky, slapstick comedy which is usually not a fan favorite, still fit perfectly into the story and actually made you chuckle. From the scene where Sydney Sweeney is drying her pants in a public bathroom, straddling a sleeping Glen Powell on the plane to faking romance in the forest, the comic timing just hit the right spot.

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This is probably the only new element inculcated in this rom-com. In the past we have not seen queer inclusivity in romantic films. Anyone But You focuses on a heterosexual romance but it also simultaneously shows a lesbian love story which is equally cute! 

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The soundtrack

A rom-com needs a few good tracks dropped at the right moments to bring out the feels. This film particularly uses Natasha Bedingfield’s classic 2004 hit ‘Unwritten’ which features prominently throughout the film as it’s said to be Glen Powell’s character’s ‘Serenity song’. Other tracks from artists such as Troye Sivan, Declan McKenna, and Dominic Fike were also used in the movie.

anyone but you

The stunning locations

The joy of romantic movies is its escapism, knowing that they will definitely have a happy ending makes it a no-brainer where you can just relax and watch. For those couple of hours, you forget everything and just go with the flow of the film. But it’s even better when the story is set at an exotic location. The film is shot in Australia where you constantly get to see aerial shots of the beautiful landscapes and the ocean. 

anyone but you

The duration of the film

With the attention spans we have today, a duration of just 1 hour 40 minutes feels music to the ears compared to the 3 hour biopics and sci-films made in today’s time. The duration is just right to tell the story while also keeping us hooked throughout.

anyone but you

Have you watched the film yet? Let us know what you loved the most about it in the comments below!

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