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Atul Khatri went from being the CEO of an IT company in the morning to performing shows in the evening. And here's a list of some of his stand-up videos that have become evergreen. 

Standup is not an easy job contrary to how some people make it seem. They love to work a crowd and churn out the funniest bits from the most random moment of their lives. It takes good writing for people to go back to a comedian’s older content and enjoy it like they did the first time. And Atul Khatri who is known as one of the best stand-up comedians in India, is the businessman-turned-comedian who makes sure to put a piece of himself in every set that he does. This leaves his audience on a roll. Being a 56-year-old comedian and a father to two daughters, living in a digital era does not take away from him being relevant to everyone who enjoys comedy. 

Khatri happens to be the only Indian to perform at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and he's also won the first season of CEO’s Got Talent. He was also a part of East India Comedy which was co-founded by Sorabh Pant. Ever since, he's had his own Netflix special, and more as an independent comedian. His sets have him talking about life from his perspective. Not shying away from commenting on political issues to the most common and basic trend-making news, this comedian always has his two cents to share. Not to forget the evergreen attribute that his videos hold that makes one want to go back and watch them again if they're bored!

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Here are some of his standups that always manage to crack us up!

The Justin Bieber concert


Getting old


Indians travelling to America

His trip to UK


Indian marriage and Chinese inflation


Why I hate Sangeet functions

When your child turns 18

Sindhi Punjabi weddings

Happy Birthday, you powerhouse!

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