#BingeRewind: Cinematic characters of 2023 who subtly shattered stereotypes

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In this chapter of #BingeRewind, we celebrate cinematic characters of 2023 who effortlessly shattered stereotypes without seeking the spotlight.

The word "stereotype" basically means having a fixed and oversimplified idea about a certain type of person or thing. Wouldn't it be better if we didn't have such rigid beliefs? In Indian movies this year, we saw characters doing just that—breaking stereotypes. Even though these characters are made up, their actions in challenging norms and stereotypes can teach us a lot. While it's great when taboos are tackled, it's even better when it's done without being too preachy. We really appreciate characters that quietly bring about positive changes. In 2023, there were many such characters on our screens. Let's take a look at a few and why we loved them.

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Have a look!

Rocky Randhawa- Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

He waltzed in with this trademark "Rocky Randhawa this side" and charmed us but also broke cliches. Embracing his feminine side, he ventured into lingerie shopping, showcased his Kathak dance prowess, and openly expressed his emotions without reservation. Yet, Rocky's most admirable trait lies in his receptiveness to learning. Instead of asserting, "I don't know any better, deal with it," he gleaned insights from the women in his life, evolving into a more mature individual.

Anjali Chatterjee- Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

The moment when Anjali Chatterjee accompanied Rocky for lingerie shopping stood out as one of the highlights of the year for me. She effortlessly demystified a topic often deemed taboo. In a society where women commonly handle men's undergarments, Anjali raised pertinent questions about why women's lingerie carries a stigma. Why do clothes of any kind get a tag of taboo? Anjali asked all the right questions.

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Sukhee- Sukhee

In a country where women are first made to sacrifice their lives and then are worshipped for it, Sukhee broke free. For once, she chose to prioritize her freedom and happiness over her customary duties. In a departure from the norm, she left her family behind, embracing a newfound focus on her well-being and allowing herself the space to experience happiness.

Virat Kamath and Prakash Handa- Mast Mein Rehne Ka

Virat and Prakash proved that life doesn't end after youth. Even elders require their space and have the right to enjoy their lives. And the best part is that neither of them was trying to bring a revolution; they were just learning to prioritize themselves and allowing themselves to feel happy again.

Devi Singh- Dahaad

Dahaad's SHO Devi Singh constantly fights, even against his wife, for his daughter's freedom and ambition. And while supporting his daughter, he also teaches his son how to respect women. When Devi Singh finds his school-going son watching porn, instead of reprimanding him, he teaches him why porn is a bad source of sex education, especially because it treats women horribly. He is an exemplary and cool father. '

Meher Chaudhry and Danish- Made In Heaven

Meher's role in the show goes beyond just being a trans woman; she is portrayed as a woman actively working as a wedding manager, breaking stereotypes. Instead of being cast solely for her transgender identity, her character challenges expectations, contributing to a more authentic and inclusive portrayal. Her partner, Danish, treats her simply as a woman, standing up for her both in her presence and behind her back, without seeking recognition or accolades for doing so. This nuanced approach adds depth to the character, moving beyond stereotypes and highlighting the genuine, supportive relationship between Meher and Danish.

Imran Siddiqui- Scoop 

Siddiqui is an experienced journalist who always has Jagruti's back. He helps her out of trouble and teaches everyone about journalism by standing up for what he believes in. Whether he's calling out the media for being hypocritical or talking about how news is crucial for our democracy, he doesn't make a big deal out of it. He just does what he thinks is right.

Kusum Batra- Gulmohar

For queer folks, even acceptance of their sexuality and opening up about it in a judgemental world can be an act of revolt. In Gulmohar, Kusum does just that. Even though she is old, she accepts her sexuality and shares her story with her family. This is an act of massive courage.

Kanti Sharan Mudgal- OMG 2

When his son is bullied all around for masturbating, Kanti fights against everyone, including his own ignorance. He rallies for his son as well as sex education in schools. The world would totally benefit from more such fathers.

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