Here are 5 reasons to watch Amazon miniTVs latest comedy drama Constable Girpade

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Constable Girpade

Crime meets comedy, check out the 5 reasons why you should watch Amazon miniTVs latest comedy-drama Constable Girpade, starring Khushaal Pawar, Neel Salekar, Vrajesh Hirjee.

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service recently released its amusing cop-comedy drama ‘Constable Girpade’. Following the journey of Constable Girpade, the series takes us on a hilarious journey in the middle of bizarre cases, a drama of criminal Phenyl Mohan, and a love story to mush upon. Created by Saad Khan and produced by First Action Studios (A Rainshine Entertainment Company), the show is a complete package of entertainment.

Here are five compelling reasons why Constable Girpade must be on your binge-watch list.

Intricate cases with a tinge of comedy: Constable Girpade leads us on a thrilling journey that is full of mystery, drama, and amusing moments. Girpade solves the peculiar cases of Mumbai's unpredictable rich class, keeping the viewers interested right up to the very end. Every case he solves is so bizarre and funny that viewers will be left in splits, wanting to know what's next.  

Cat and mouse chase between Girpade and Phenyl: The high-stakes chase of the main villain, where the bad guys are running from the law, is sure to give viewers a rush of excitement.  The series follows the wild chase of Phenyl Mohan and his crazy encounters with Girpade in the middle of fun-loving disasters. At the end of this chase, the viewers will be in for a surprise, leaving them to speculate about Girpade's next move.

Quirky characters to take us on a laughter riot: The series features an ensemble cast including Khushaal Pawar, Neel Salekar, Vrajesh Hirjee, Gaurav Gera, Muskan Bamne, Dr. Sanket Bhosale and Chandni in their kooky characters. From Girpade and Dr Vichitra Vidhwaan’s unusual bond, and Shinde’s hilarious English to the unbreakable friendship of Girpade and D’Mello filled with insane circumstances, are sure to make viewers laugh hysterically.

A lesson to learn in every episode: Amidst all the drama, mystery, and comedy, Constable Girpade teaches viewers life lessons with every episode. Prepare to dive deep into the pool of comedy and drama with our beloved Constable Girpade as he brings a bucket full of crazy, comical moments, and the wildest cases to bring out your own Sherlock Holmes. 

Free to watch: Explore the journey of Constable Girpade stuck in the middle of high society offbeat cases and the thrilling chase of Phenyl Mohan for free. There is no fee required to watch this amusing show on a subscription basis. It will be available for free streaming on Amazon miniTV and Fire TV in the Amazon Shopping App and on Play Store.

The show will be available to stream on Amazon miniTV for free from Oct 6th.

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