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These employee-boss dynamics are rather wholesome and here’s why we adore their dynamics so much!

Your workplace is where you spend most of your week so inevitably the people around you are the ones who you end up talking to most, including your boss. Your boss is that one person at work who nudges you in the right direction. Having a boss who knows exactly what they’re talking about and is someone who will always have your back no matter what, is an absolute boon. There's a lot of representation of employee-boss relationships that we absolutely have envied. To have a boss like Michael Scott who’d be down for having fun at any given point or someone like Jacqeline Carlyle who has a plethora of things one can learn from would feel like gaining a role model we didn’t know we needed. Because good bosses nurture a good work environment. They reprimand when needed but also appreciate when you do something well! 

Here are our favorite bosses who appreciated and acknowledged their employees in the most heartfelt way!

Ben and Jules - The Intern

From not wanting to work with him and barely noticing Ben to becoming each other’s ultimate best friends, The Intern has given us the most unforgettable employee-boss relationship there is to exist on-screen. She was his senior at work but he was much more experienced than her in life and the two contributed to each other’s life in a way that was absolutely required at that point of time. 


Margaret and Andrew - The Proposal

While Margaret was toxic to Andrew in the beginning, the closer they got the more he realized why she had so many walls around her. They went from hating each other to having each other’s back and their journey of growing together melted our hearts.


Michael Scott and literally all of Dunder Mifflin - The Office

For Michael, Dunder Mifflin was not a workplace, it was his family. If you were happy, he was happy for you, if you were sad, then he’d be upset with you. Sometimes boundaries were crossed but mostly he showed up for his employees when they were at their lowest. Also, he is the most fun boss one could have. For him, literally all sorts of pranks and fooling around came way before work and I mean who wouldn’t want that?

the office

Captain Raymond Holt and Jake. - Brooklyn Nine Nine

Complete opposite of one another, Jake and Captain Holt did not get off on the right foot at all. But as time passed, Jake taught Captain Holt to loosen up and have some fun, and Captain Holt instilled a lot of his life lessons into Jake. 


Karan and Jazz - Made in Heaven

Jazz did not have a lot of experience in the wedding planning field and she messed up in a big way when she blurs the line between personal and professional life. She uses the company credit card to buy herself things and even though it was a huge mistake, Karan takes her back under her wing. He makes sure she learns from her mistakes and the two have a really cute friendship at work.


Jacqueline Carlyle and Jane - The Bold Type 

Jacqueline was the kind of boss anyone would look up to and absolutely envy her personality. She carries herself with such confidence, panache and really believes in her writers. Jane was so inspired by her as a boss and wanted to be like her someday. Everything she did was to receive appreciation from her and honestly having someone to look up to at work is the best direction you can ask for!

bold type

Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton - Ted Lasso

Rebecca got Ted on board to destroy her husband’s football team but, in return, all of them fell in love with his positive spirit and zest for life. She went from wanting to drown the team in bad luck to hooting and cheering for them at every game. Both Ted and Rebecca also went through a divorce at a similar time which made them confide in each other and understand one another like no one else could.

ted lasso

Carmy and the whole staff at the restaurant - The Bear

A good leader is one who recognizes his team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Carmy picked up on his team's plus and minus points so well and groomed it further. He sends Tina and Ebraheim to a culinary school, Marcus to learn bakery in Copenhagen and Richie to work as a waiter in a Michelin Star restaurant, and all of them have a major character development just because he knew what suits best for which team member. 

the bear

Park Sae-Ro-Yi and Ma Hyeon-Yi - Itaewon Class

Ma Hyeon-Yi faced a lot of judgment for being a trans woman and Park Sae-Ro-Yi had her back during a tough time. He did not care what people would say about him or his restaurant but there was no way he would let go of her. In fact he supported her dreams of being a chef and made her a part of his crew.


Harvey Specter and Mike - Suits

Harvey and Mike’s camaraderie was one for the books. Mike was not a Harvard Law graduate but Harvey made sure he took his test and passed out to become a legit one. The way they solved cases together was like watching two of the smartest people in the room coming up with a solution nobody can deny.


Which of these is your favorite on-screen employee-boss duo? Let us know in the comments below!

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