I’m an amalgamation of all of these female characters and they represent different sides of me!

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Through the lens of cinema, I sure have realized I’m a mixture of characters that are poles apart and yet co-exist inside of me!

Being a woman is a combination of various feelings coming together. You’re able to make sense of some and you’re confused for the most of it. On some days you wake up feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world, but some days you just want to hide under a table and ignore all your problems. You’re socially awkward but once someone gets to know you, you’re a complete burst of positive energy. But above all, you are a woman and you celebrate the beauty of being one each day, even though there’s no perfect definition of how to be a woman. In the same way, I’ve also learned that I have different sides to myself and they come out depending on the situation I’m handling. For instance- when I’m feeling competitive I’m channeling Maddy from Euphoria, or when I’ve woken up and decided to get work done, I’m Jules from The Intern, I’ve grown up watching K3G on loop and I’ve had so many people come up to me and say that I resemble Pooh’s characteristics a lot, so it basically feels like all of these female characters just live inside of me and come out on different days. Even though I’m an introvert, that is not all I am. I’m an introvert who also feels like she can talk for hours in front of the right person, or put someone in their places if they’re trying to mess with me.

So here’s to every female character who has made me feel seen and some of their characteristics that I keep within me forever!

I’ve got Maddy’s sass in me and you don’t wanna face that wrath

When I first watched Euphoria, I instantly fell in love with Maddy. The way she wouldn’t take anyone treating her like a second choice, the way she just had zero filter with what she said, I resonated with that so hard. She was confident, straightforward, but most importantly she was highly short tempered and that’s where I really saw myself in her. If I had to guess her zodiac sign, she would be an Aries, just like me because she loved with all her heart but also hated someone with the same amount of passion.


I’m guilty of being as oblivious as Aisha at times

Going shopping with my girls, getting ready together and having a fun sleepover meant the world to me growing up, and it amplified after I saw Aisha and her friends. But it is a fact that Aisha lived in her own little bubble and wasn’t really aware of what real life problems felt like and I tend to be that sometimes as well. 

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I’m as accountable and busy as Jules is at work

Jules ran on a tight schedule, there really was no time to live life, the only time she was ever home was when she had to sleep. My life has pretty much merged into hers as well. But the biggest thing she and I share in common is that when we both log out of work, we know we’ve given it our 100% and worked hard enough to call it a good day’s work. There is no delay, no dilly dallying, independent women GET THINGS DONE.


My life coach, my style guru has to be the one and only Pooh

Pooh was this loud burst of energy and who just turned heads wherever she went. While I’m an introvert, at first it might feel unbelievable to think that I could be like her. But as I get comfortable around someone, they can clearly see how I talk like her, walk like her, love throwing snarky remarks here and there. She was the first ever female character who I fell in love with and pretty much just watched her on loop and picked up everything from her.


I'm as obedient as Poonam can be!

Yes, believe it or not, I am pretty obedient especially when it comes to my elders. More than I should be. I was just raised like that and sometimes that comes as a disadvantage to me. But I am that simple child at home who doesn’t raise her voice above a certain decibel, especially while meeting someone new. 

amrita rao

I’ve romanticized writing because of Aisha and Carrie Bradshaw

Aisha and Carrie both write in a way where you’ll fall in love with life all over again. And of course, just like them, I also have a voice over going on while I’m writing my article. Both of them write about falling in love, be it with their partner or the city that they live in, and their zest to look at everything with a love lens is something that I share.

sk fi 3

Just like Jung Da-Eun, I have days when I’m really depressed to the point where I can’t get out of bed

There are days I feel blue, I feel like life does not have a silver lining and that makes me really depressed. It’s surprising how your depression can take a toll on your physical health as well and you can’t even get out of bed. When I saw Jung Da-Eun that felt like the most accurate representation of what depression really looks like and I could actually tell my loved ones that this is exactly how I feel.

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All of these female characters, who I really relate to and who define different parts of who I am, might be poles apart from each other but have somehow learnt to co-exist within my weirdly wired brain. They’ve also taught me to love every side of myself and how I don’t have to be only a certain way; I can be a 100 different things and still be completely normal and special.

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