10 movies to watch if you liked Inside Out 2

Vruddhi Bagadia
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Do you like your animated films with emotions at their core? Besides the recently released Inside Out 2, here's what else you need to watch!

Inside out 2 took us on another emotional rollercoaster, delving deep into the mysteries of our minds via joy, sadness, and the rest of the crew. This film's ability to combine humour, passion, and thought-provoking issues appeals to every single age group and leaves you with food for thought. That's the beauty of animated movies like these - they make it very easy to digest important conversations. If like us, you too miss the meaningful moments and thought through storytelling in Inside Out 2, these films are just what you need!

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Check them out!

Soul - Disney+ Hotstar 

If you haven’t watched Soul yet, you're truly missing out. The film's depth lies in its exploration of life’s purpose through the journey of Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher turned aspiring jazz musician. It's a tale that balances humor and heart, offering a profound reflection on passion and the beauty of everyday moments. 

Onward - Disney+ Hotstar

In a magical world full of technological advances, Onward  makes you fall in love with bold colors and fun adventures. It beautifully portrays a family’s struggle with long-lasting grief of losing a loved one. This film blends excitement with a heart-wrenching exploration of loss and healing. 

ToyStory - Disney+ Hotstar

An astonishing world where toys play while their owners are away, Toy Story masterfully taps into deep emotions. Moments like Sarah McLachlan’s When She Loved Me” make us sob, reminding us of our old stuffed animals and the prick of guilt we feel for neglecting them. The humans in this series of films might not display such intense emotions but experiencing them through the eyes of the toys makes the impact a lot more profound.

Turning Red - Disney+ Hotstar

Turning Red shows us Mei Lee, a confident and quirky 13-year-old, navigating adolescence while she's torn between her mother's expectations and her own individuality. Amid changes in her interests, relationships, Mei faces a unique challenge; whenever she experiences extreme emotions, she transforms into a giant red panda! 

The Croods: A New Age - JioCinemas

The Croods : A New Age continues the charming tale of the Croods family as they navigate a dangerous world with daughter Eep and her love interest, Guy, at the forefront. With humor and heart, the film explores themes of growth, love, and the bonds of family in the middle of risky adventures.

Luca - Disney+ Hotstar

Set in a picturesque seaside town on the Italian RivieraLuca tells a coming-of-age story of a young boy's transformative summer. Amongst gelato, pasta, and endless scooter rides, Luca forges an inseparable bond with his newfound best friend. However, their happy adventures are overshadowed by a profound secret as they are sea monsters from a hidden world beneath the ocean's surface.

The Garfield Movie - Disney+ Hotstar

This one brings everyone's favorite lasagna-loving kitty to life in a humorous and uplifting journey. This child-friendly picture is set in the busy metropolis of Muncie, Indiana, and follows Garfield's naughty activities as he navigates life with his hapless owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his adorable dog buddy, Odie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Disney+ Hotstar

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a witty and insightful comedy capturing the trials of middle school with charm. It respects its audience, offering humor that appeals beyond family dynamics. Though not reaching the heights of classics, its relatable narrative finds resonance with all who've felt like a wimpy kid. 

Brave - Disney+ Hotstar

Brave takes audiences on a stunning trip to the imaginary Scottish Highlands, where Princess Merida challenges tradition to establish her own way. The film, with its animation and gripping narrative, applauds courage, family, and the mother-daughter relationship. As Merida navigates her destiny through enchantment and risk, you are treated to a story of self-discovery that stays with you for a while.

The Emoji movie - Netflix 

The Emoji Movie invites spectators into the lively world of emojis where each character is on a quest to find their place in the digital landscape. Despite mixed reviews, its colorful animation and playful humor offer an enjoyable ride. While it may not reach the heights of other animated classics, it serves as a fun and light-hearted exploration of communication in the digital age.

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