Loki Season 2: The story so far!

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Nov 10, 2023 12:19 IST
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Loki Season 2 recap

People turning into spaghetti, a giant time machine and a heaving, fair-flipping Loki. Here's what happened so far on Loki Season 2!

Our favourite villain turned anti-hero was back and he was trying his best to fix the timeline and the multiverse blunder that one of his other variants, Slyvie, had caused. Loki Season 2 was looked forward to by fans, not just to see their favourite character back at his hair-flipping, magical and stressed-out self, but also to find out what happens after ‘He who remains’ (yes Morbius, we are all calling him that) was killed in season one. The Asgardian has been through a lot over time, and his time at the TVA was no different. From discovering his ‘glorious purpose’ was to create chaos, always ending up in the same way to getting to know and love his other variant, Loki experienced a lot. That's exactly why fans were excited to see what Loki Season 2 had in store for them, especially with them meeting and killing a variant Kang at the end of time. 

This season was a whole lot more than just about the timeline. It was about saving lives, travelling through time, Loki being the hero and everyone wanting to live a life that is not already written for them. But mostly it was about our minds being blown by the sheer amount of information dumped on us about time, confusing us and ending with us wanting to study the whole phenomenon. How does time jumping work? If you prune one variant what happens to the others? Why does everything related to time always have to be this complicated? And the list goes on. Thankfully for us, all the amazing performances and characters had us stick around till the end. So before you watch the finale today, here's a quick recap of what happened on Loki Season 2 so far.

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Here's what's up so far!

Episode 1 - Ouroboros

The episode starts where it left off in the first season; Loki is back at TVA meeting Morbius who has no memory of ever meeting him all the while he keeps disappearing and appearing at different time zones. It is in this reality that they know that he meets Morbius’s acquaintance, also the star of the episode, Ouroboros aka OB. OB is a TVA agent who works in its Repairs and Advancement Department and is also responsible for writing the TVA guidebook. Through OB, we get to know that Loki is time slipping. While trying to find a solution, Loki slips in the past and meets with OB, making a plan to use a temporal aural extractor amid the temporal loom to pull him back in time. Did we mention that Loki has to prune himself to do that? Well, yeah that happens and surprise, the extractor they create works!

OB also mentions how the new branches are affecting the temporal loom, the main problem that needs fixing this season. Before Loki is brought back, he sees Sylvie in an elevator, making him want to find her in the hopes that it would help them fix the loom.

Episode 2 - Breaking Brad

Tom as Loki in a SUIT! Now that it's out of the way, the episode is about 1977 London and a TVA agent living his actor life in the Sacred Timeline. Hunter X-05 (Rafael Casal) who is living his life as Brand Wolfe knows where Sylvie is. Fans get to see Loki in his element as he uses his illusion magic to capture him. In a true 'good cop bad cop' drama, they learn that Sylvie has been working at a McDonald's outlet in Oklahoma.

As they meet her, Sylvie rejects the idea of returning and helping them fix the TVA as all the timeline, along with the one she has grown to love, is at risk of being destroyed forever. Meanwhile, we learn that there is a squad sent out to find her that has pruned all the new branches killing millions. This encourages Sylvie to help them out on the condition that she gets to deal with Renslayer.

Episode 3 - 1893

It was all about finding the scary clock. Ms Minutes has to be one of the scariest characters in the MCU and knowing that she has been working with 'He Who Remains' makes her even more dangerous. But ever since she left, TVA has been suffering which is why Loki and Morbius are on their way to find her and they end up in 1893. While trying to find her, Loki ends up meeting one of the variants of He Who Remains aka Victor Timely presenting his rough version of the Time Loom. Remember the post-credit scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania that gave a glimpse of Kang? Yes, the same variant. Why go for the clock when you can get the variant of Kang himself to fix the time loom for you?

But before they can get to Timely who has no idea about Kang but has heard of TVA, thanks to Ms Minutes slipping the TVA guidebook to a young Timely as per the plans of Kany himself, Renslayer also gets to him. There is a tug between the two groups with Renslayer losing, thanks to Slyvie who got there in time. Timely appears in TVA and is met with his face being carved on every wall.

Episode 4 - Heart of the TVA

The 3rd episode ends with Sylvie deciding against pruning Renslayer and instead sending her to the end of time with Kang’s corpse having an impact on her. Feeling betrayed by Timely, Ms Minutes lets Renslayer know a secret about them which happens to be the fact that she has been there before and her memory was wiped away. This fills the two with rage to team up and take over the timeline and kill a bunch of TVA agents. Meanwhile Timely meets up with OB, and both have a fan-boy moment as he discovers everything about the temporal loom and why it needs to be fixed. What you expect from two genius scientists meeting is exactly what happens, they find a solution to fix the loom. Using the device that Timely has they go on to fix the loom before the TVA implodes. Unfortunately, the radiation near the loom is too high and Timely ends up shredding like a spaghetti.

Episode 5 - Science/Fiction

When we think that the entire TVA is imploded, we see Loki opening his eyes and realising that he is the only one remaining. All his friends have been shredded away from this timeline. Before he can process what’s happening, he starts time slipping again and ends up at different timelines meeting his friends who don’t know about their TVA existence. Loki meets with OB, who is a scientist-turned-science/fiction writer to understand how to fix everything. He then goes around gathering all his teammates, not before he can explain this situation which might sound weird to anyone but his time-slipping in front of them thankfully helps. The only person who hasn’t forgotten any of the TVA situation is Sylvie. She wants an out from fixing the TVA believing that everyone is finally getting to live the life they wished for. Sylvie succeeds in demotivating Loki but later surprises the team with her visit as her own timeline starts going to shreds. But before Loki can use everyone’s help the timeline they are in starts disintegrating. That rage of failing again makes Loki understand ways to control his time-slipping, and how he can travel back in time.

Now that our God of Mischief can live his own 'Back to the Future', it would be interesting to know how he uses it and if he would be truly able to fix a breaking timeline and eventually the universe.

What do you think will happen in the last episode? If you have any theories, send them across!

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