Before The Archies, here's where we've spotted Mihir Ahuja!

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Mihir Ahuja

Mihir Ahuja

Out of all 'The Archies' kids who made their debut with the film, there's one face that we've spotted before on our screens. Mihir Ahuja who played Jughead Jones has been seen in quite a few projects before his big break!

The recently released The Archies has been the talk of the town for more reasons than one. This peppy musical is one you can watch when you're looking for a fun time. While everyone's aware that most of the cast made their debut with this film, Mihir Ahuja (Jughead) looked rather familiar. In this film, he plays drums in a band but is usually found in Pop-Tates eating his favorite hamburger and drinking milkshakes. But some have spotted him in many advertisements, films, and shows before and when you read this, even you'd be like, "Oh! Yeaaah!"

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We've curated this list for those of you living under a rock!

Super 30

We get to see Mihir as one of the students in Super 30 with Hrithik Roshan. This film was about the life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants. 

Dolly Kitty aur Woh Chamakte Sitare

Mihir played a young teenage boy alongside Konkana Sen Sharma and Bhumi Pednekar in a story about two women dealing with ideas of pleasure and freedom.

Dhruv Jauhari - Made In Heaven 

In another universe of Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, he plays Dhruv Jauhari, Mona Singh's son who gets involved with a group of boys that end up harassing a girl in school. 

Gandhi - Feels like Home

Mihir plays the role of Gandhi, a cricketer in training living with three other senior boys. It is a coming-of-age story where four of them go on various adventures and become each other's home.  

Maninder - Feels like Ishq

In this anthology series on love, one of the episodes made by Thaira Kashyap 'Quranteen Crush', stars Mihir as Maninder, a sweet Punjabi boy falling for his next-door neighbor during COVID-19.

Rohan - Bard of Blood 

We get to see Mihir in one episode of this series as Rohan. It is a show about an ex-communicated RAW agent played by Emran Hashmi, who takes up a covert mission in Balochistan as four Indian spies are held hostage. 

Ishaan Lamba - Cloud Messenger 

Mihir played Ishaan Lamba in this avant-garde tale of the reincarnation of two lovers who meet in the present after longing for each other for centuries. 

Omar - State of Siege: Terror Attack 

Mihir plays Omar in this fictional story inspired by the true events of NSG commandos who saved innocent lives of people from the time when the terrorists tracked a temple in Gujarat. 

Vicky - The Vibe Hunters

In an interactive witty series, Mihir stars as Vicky who becomes the main source in the investigating case of a missing rapper, a graffiti artist, and a freestyle dancer. 

Mehul Awasthi- Candy

Mihir is seen as Mehul Awasthi, the school kid who got murdered and this leads Ronit Roy, his teacher, and Richa Chadha, a cop to solve the mystery in the hills that involves rave parties, cold cases, a demon in the woods, and a hallucinogen, Candy. 

Shalin - Taj Mahal 1989

Mihir is seen as Shalin in this one where we get to watch him for three episodes that explore love and its various politics through marriage, friendships, and romantic relationships at Lucknow University in 1989. 

Danny - 2024

Mihir stars as one of the main leads, Danny in this long-short film about a mutated virus turning Mumbai into a death zone while the four friends try to save each other as well as escape from the city.

He was also seen in Hunter-Tootega Nahi Toodega, Yeh Ballet, Disconnected, Engineering Girls, and so much more. Have you watched him in any of these before? Tell us in the comments below! 

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