#Bingerewind: People behind the lens whose tremendous effort at work needs to be recognised!

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People behind the lens 2023

People behind the lens 2023

#LetsKetchup: It takes an army to make a film or build a show from scratch, so here is a salute to all those people behind the lens whose exceptional effort made it possible for all of us to enjoy these contents in 2023! 

It is often said that making films is not the job of a single person, and right so, as it takes an army to bring an idea inside head-on celluloid to be enjoyed by everyone. Now, this year of 2023 has been filled with some amazing content throughout. So it is bound that there are many people out there who worked behind the screen (like I said, an army) to bring forth all of these films and shows we ended up enjoying. But here we are honoring some people behind the lens of that huge army whose work stood out from the rest! Whether they are writers, cinematographers, editors, costume or production designers, or even casting directors. 

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Every good film or show of 2023 stood on the ground of solid writing like Succession, Barbie, Oppenheimer, and so many more but here we appreciate those whose writing not only visibly stood apart but also etched words and scenes in our minds forever. Whether it was a dialogue writer or a scriptwriter, these guys stood tall in their words to deliver! 

Karan Vyas- Scoop (Dialogue Writer)

Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Ashutosh Chaturvedi, and Pankaj Mavchi- Aspirants 2 (Series Writers)

Khushbu Baid, Arunabh Kumar, Tatsat Pandey, Harish Peddiniti, and Vishal Vishwakarma- Half CA (Series Writers)

Ashok Mishra and Yashowardhan Mishra- Kathal (Dialogue, Story and Screenplay)

Shashank Khaitan, Ishita Moitra, and Sumit Roy- Rocky Aur Rani (Dialogue, Story and Screenplay)


There are so many amazing cinematographers given the amount of good content that came out this year but here we feature those who stole the scene away by bringing something unique to the table and spoke a lot through their visual grammar! 

Pratik Shah- Jubilee 

G.K. Vishnu- Jawan

Avinash Arun- School of Lies and Three of Us

Ravi Varman- PS 2 

The Archies- Nikos Andritsakis


The magic that we see unfold as an entire piece of cinema is the creation of Editors who join all the pieces of scenes between action and cut to weave the entire content. While there are exceptional editors this year we are featuring those who knew the value of cutting even a good scene if it doesn't make sense in the larger scheme of things! 

Nitin Baid- Rocky Aur Rani, and Made In Heaven

Aarti Bajaj- Jubilee

Production Designers

Creating an entire world takes a whole lot of work and while every content demands this rigorous exercise of world creation yet here we feature those artists who went in so much detail that they created an immersive experience out of a fictional set. 

Suzanne Caplan Merwanji- The Archies

Aparna Sud and Mukund Gupta- Jubilee

Costume Designers and Makeup Artists 

There are so many characters from 2023 that have made their space in our hearts but there are only a few whose entire get-up became a character that we wanted to recreate. So here we feature those artist who with their work not only created a character but also gave us some inspo! 

Jitendra Adesh Mhatre- Taali (Makeup Artist)

Avan Contractor- The Archies (Hairstylist)

Manish Malhotra and Eka Lakhani (Costume Designer) and Mickey Contractor (Makeup Artist)- Rocky Aur Rani

Shruti Kapoor- Jubilee (Costume Designer)

Poornamrita Singh- Made In Heaven (Costume Designer)

Chandrakant Sonawane- PS 2 (Costume Designer)


A very major part of any content is actors and while many superstars took the 2023 away yet here we feature those casting directors who found the diamonds in the rough and gave us something unexpected! 

Nikita Grover- Kohrra 

Vaibhav Vishant- Kaala Paani

Sanjeev Maurya, Dilip Shankar, and Prashant Singh- Gulmohar 

Aayush Saxena- 12th Fail 

Anmol Ahuja- Mast Mein Rehne Ka

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