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Coco Chanel once remarked, "Women have always been the strong ones of the world." So have musicians and this playlist of songs about women is a testament to them agreeing to the same.

We have all heard and unknown women to be the ones that build, empower, strengthen and support each other. And we can agree that they are finely crafted masterpieces and the unyielding pillars “holding the fort down”. There are millions of adjectives used to describe a woman but the purest expression of them lies in the language of music. Songs that transcend mere words, connecting directly to the soul and allowing people to resonate with every word, tune, and melody. Be it cinema, TV, or OTT, they have given us a million songs, that accredit the hard work, love, dedication, and beauty of being a woman. From the oldest classics to the most upcoming cinematics, women are being loved and appreciated. They are getting recognized for all that they deserve. From that one chorus in ‘Deewana Hai Dekho’ that talks about wanting to dive into her eyes to Om shanti Om ‘Ajab si ajab si” that is an entire love letter on its own, to the beautiful classic that calls out to women as “Shayar ki Gazal-DREAM GIRL” have all been in our playlist. They speak about women with the utmost admiration that we know every woman in our life deserves.

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Let’s delve into these songs and show the women in our lives some love:

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha -  1942 - A Love Story: 

Jaise Subhon Ka Roop, Jaise Sardi Ki Dhoop, Jaise Beena Ki Taan, Jaise Rangon Ki Jaan,

Jaise Balkhaye Bael, Jaise Lehron Ka Khel, Jaise Khushboo Liye, Aaye Thandi Hawa....

This original version is the actual love song. A love sonnet comparing a woman to the morning view, the first winter sun, the life in colors, like fleeting waves, like the cool breeze that brings fragrance and aroma along

I AM WOMAN - Emmy Meli

 I'm unbeatable, I'm creative Honey, you can get in line

I am feminine, I am masculine  I am anything I want

The artist’s inspiration for this song was the daily mantras she used as her daily reminder. In conversation with American songwriter Emmy Meli said, “I wanted the whole song itself to be like an affirmation for people because originally I wrote it to inspire myself every day.” This song is a perfect affirmation song reminding women of how strong, bold, and confident they are. So to evert woman, here’s a reminder that YOU ARE PRECIOUS!

Kudi Nu Nachne De - Angrezi Medium

 Hai kinni shaandar kudi yeh kar degi dhamaal, Ise jhoomne de apni beat te

This song will always remind me of the beauty and simplicity of a woman. If you watch the original video, it’s a compilation of the prettiest actresses you know being their most authentic selves having fun, enjoying and dancing. The lyrics describe perfectly how women CAN create magic when they are themselves.

Girls Like To Swing - Dil Dhadakne do

Jagmagaati ladkiyaan, ye jhilmilaati ladkiyaan, Jinke deewane tum bhi toh ho

hansti gaati ladkiyaan, ye khilkhilaati ladkiyaan, Chaahti sab kya hai ye suno…

A peppy, dance number is an ode to the strength and beauty of women, telling the world how women can be dazzling, sparkling, joyous, and happy all at the same time. Telling the world that all women want to is just, TO SWING! If you hear further it’s about how women can swing in new colors, live freely, and do it all without hesitation, because times have changed, and women are strong, empowered, self-dependent women.

Ek Zindagi Meri - Angrezi medium

This song is like a love letter to all women. Women have one life with a million dreams, some of those dreams are often lost in responsibilities and societal roles. This song is a reminder in a way, that women have dreams and a life, that is equally important. This song is an empowering reminder that they can fulfill all those dreams, one day at a time.

Rang Malieyla - Anandi gopal

सौभाग्याची मंगलघटिका, सौभाग्याची मंगलघटिका,आली आली ग

हळदी ल्याली, बाहुली माझी मोठी झाली ग

This Marathi song from the recently released Anandi Gopal, is a tribute to the life of the earliest Indian female physician, Anandibai Gopalrao, a song expressing the love and support of a partner. A reminder that love pushes you to pursue your dreams overcoming cultural norms.

Suno Aisha - Aisha

Tum ho kamaal, tum bemisaal,Tum lajawab ho aisha, Aisi haseen ho, Jis ko choo lo usko haseen kar do

Tum sochti ho duniya mein, Koi bhi kyun kharaab ho aisha, 

Tum chahati ho,Tum koi rang har zindagi mein bhar do, bhar do

If you're wondering 'how would one describe women?' then this song is the answer. Women are amazing, incomparable, and excellent beings who are constantly impacting and touching lives, and making lives colorful as they go by.

Pretty Woman- Kal ho na ho

 Sone Ka Rang Hai,Sheeshe Ka Ang Hai, Jo Dekhe Dang Hai Kya Kahon

Hairaan Main Bhi Hoon, Yeh Kya Andaaz Hai, Itna Kyun Naaz Hai

Iska Kya Raaz Hain Kya Kahoon

Are there any more songs that you can think of when you think of the beautiful,empowering women in your life? Drop it down in the comments below.

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