9 Theatrical releases in January 2024 that makes the beginning of the year all the more exciting!

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Theatrical releases in January 2024

Theatrical releases in January 2024

From Merry Christmas, Fighter, Main Atal Hoon, and so much more, these theatrical releases in January 2024 mark the beginning of the year with patriotism and adventure! 

We are on the brink of saying goodbye to 2023, and as this is the time of the year when we wrap up the year with its good and bad, summarising it, it is also the time to reign in excitement and anticipation of 2024. And what better way to do it than to welcome it with films? So, while last year we opened with Shah Rukh Khan's comeback as the reigning badshah, this year we have an exciting lineup of stars and patriotism with theatrical releases in January 2024.

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Hrithik- Deepika's Fighter to Katrina-Vijay's Merry Christmas has already started a momentum and buzz. Pankaj Tripathi's Main Atal Hoon has everyone excited as well, and given we have the national election in the coming year, it will be even more talked about. Apart from these mega anticipations, we also have films like Laapataa Ladies with social messages wrapped in quirky style. While the exact date of Prabhas-Deepika-Amitabh Bachchan-Kamal Hassan's Kalki 2898 could still be debatable, if it is released on the said date, then it's going to be the experiment of the year! 

Check out the list here! 

Jan 5 

Laaptaa Ladies 

Jan 11 

The Diplomat 

Jan 12 

Kalki 2898 


Merry Christmas 

Guntur Karam 

Lal Salaam 

Jan 19 

Main Atal Hoon 

Jan 25 


Which film are you looking most forward to watching in theatres in January 2024? Tell us in the comments below! 

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