Bird Box Memes - Blindfolds off and laughter on!

Khushboo Shah
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Bird Box Memes

Is your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter filled with Bird Box memes? If yes, please join the queue. If no, you need new friends because what kind of people don't share Bird Box Memes!

We have been swamped with Bird Box Memes memes and could hardly control our laughter riot.

The movie has been in talks since it hit our Netflix screens for the wonderful performances and script that left everybody in awe and the memes can hardly be ignored. Last we remember this happened to Lala Land which made us all go La La La.

We have made a list of 10 memes that we just wouldn't want you to miss :

1.) Post New Year Hangover for sure!

2.) We yet wouldn't get the hint

3.) Nobody messes with the queen

4.) Tacos? Sorry, can't say no to that!

5.) You gotta do what you gotta do

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6.) Pleassseeee no!

7.) Next time listen to Douglass

8.) The anxiety was real

9.) Umm

10.) TBH that was really us

Bird Box Memes aren't dying anytime soon and let's just say we're really glad.

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