After an intensely fought out battle, the Gujarat Election results are out, and the ripples have been sent not just in the political waters of the country, but also across social media and Twitter saw the most of it.

The battle was fought not only on the roads but also ventured out to sea for a brief while and while all momentum this fight gained over the course of the past few months, the Gujarat Election results errupted with a social media trend.

Oh well, not much of a surprise although Twitter kicked up a major storm of laughter as the Gujarat Election results slowly arrived, and with the numbers, came in the hysterical and cheeky one-liners!

1. Everyone’s an expert.

2. Hahaha

3. I am disturbed

4. Truly. 2019 will be bigger, better and uglier.

5. Shit

6. Ahh I remember the Ganguly days

7. But all’s well that ends well.

8. Doubts cleared?

9. Well they are good at hisaab

10. Shhh… Iske baare me nahi bolneka.

11. This is what it has become.

12. I like Rahul Dravid more anyway

13. Please dekhe do yaar

14. *violin plays in the background*

15. Accurate

16. Was* 

Gujarat election jokes swept everyone that came in its stride, including our very own national monument, Arnab Goswami. Yep, jokes jokes, everywhere.